Bootleg Beatles at the Assembly Hall Theatre Review

BootlegBeatlesBootleg Beatles
Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

3 April 2015


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

A packed theatre awaited us as we entered Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall to see the Bootleg Beatles last night. We had heard good reviews from friends that had already been to see the band so had high expectations.

We certainly were not disappointed, the show opens to She Loves You and with the band dressed in the grey suits and traditional haircuts that the early Beatles are so well known for. Early Beatles tunes are short and punchy and hit after hit kept coming to the delight of the audience. Before I watched the show I wouldn’t have said I was the greatest fan in the world but every song got me singing and the majority of people up out of their seats.

During the set change films were shown on stage playing music of the era and showing news clips, a perfect addition to the show which kept the crowd entertained whilst the group were off stage.

The band returns dressed in colourful Sgt. Pepper outfits and plays through many hits off the Lonely Hearts Club album. The band are all perfectly tuned to each other, look like they are having a good time and make it obvious that they have been playing together a long time. Musically they are all excellent with many guitar changes and the piece de resistance of the night is the full orchestra playing with them on many tracks. Tracks like Hey Jude and Let it Be are perfectly backed with Cello, violin, flute and French horn adding a real depth to the music.

Yesterday was sung and played by “McCartney” the audience were deadly silent, you could hear a pin drop until it ended with rapturous applause. The last set change the band reappear in seventies outfits with “Lennon” in his trademark white suit and round glasses. By this time the crowd was up in the aisles dancing and singing, a perfect start to Easter weekend.

We saw the show at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall which is the perfect sized venue for the show, intimate yet atmospheric. The staff are prompt and courteous, the venue clean and tidy and has easy access for those with disabilities. It is an easy place to park too with a multi-storey car park next door with charges of only £1.00 per night.

A great show at a great venue, a highly recommended night out.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

The Bootleg Beatles are currently on tour, for more information and tour dates visit www.bootlegbeatles.com.

Assembly Hall Theatre, Crescent Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU | 01892 530613


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