Blue Early Reader Tulsa Goes to the Ball by Tony Ross Review

Reviewed by Juliana Headley

“Tulsa goes to the Ball” is a book from a series specially developed for young readers. It is one the books from the blue range, which is a stepping stone from picture books to proper reading books and is perfect for sharing and reading together with adults. The next stage is the red range, suited for more advanced readers.

The book is the right size for a young reader and the story is just enough to keep one interested and not to get too bored. We read it with our 5 year old. She could not quite read the whole book herself and needed some encouragement on certain words, but she enjoyed the pictures a lot and the vocabulary is quite varied. Some of the words our 5 year old did not know, but with some hints we were able to “guess” what they meant.

The story itself is about a young girl Tulsa, who does not keep her room tidy. Mum asks her to clean her room and Tulsa pretends she does it until a toy frog side-tracks her. Then she imagines the frog is the enchanted prince and she is Cinderella, who needs to tidy up her room before she can go to the ball. I liked the way the book conveyed emotions with help of capital letters. However, I found the book consisting of 3 parts, 3 separate stories so to say and would have liked to see some sort of teaching to the story. We had a big discussion of how important it is to finish a task first (tidy room) and then go out and play. There is no clear message what the book is about. Apart from that, it does serve its purpose. An easy book to read and has lots of pictures to stimulate interest in young readers and help them on their reading journey. I definitely will check out other books in the series.

Overall rating 3.5 out 5 (lower score for not having a clear message and being a bit pricey at £4.99).

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £4.99 (paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

3 half Star

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