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BKD Mini Bakers Club Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

When this bright and colourful personalised box arrived at our door it set high expectations of what was inside this sturdy and well-sealed package. BKD Mini Bakers Club baking and craft boxes for kids are multi award winning and have excellent customer reviews and I’m please to say, it didn’t disappoint.

“Oooh this looks fun!” my 4 year old daughter Ella cried, eager to open it up. Rummaging through the contents, we both wanted to read and open and made everything all at once.

The welcome poster, which was stuck to the inside of the box lid and cheerily greeted you each time you opened it up; had a picture of delightful cartoon girl with a big smile and an umbrella. How perfectly in tune with this time of year with the “rainy day” theme and how perfectly timed was the arrival of this jam-packed creative gem, to save us from the unfortunate combination of bad weather and bored child. The welcome poster told us simply what we would be doing this month and I’ve had to open the box over and over as the children loved hearing the little poem about pitter patter raindrops!

Included in the box was a Mini Bakers Club Guide, 2 mixes, a piping bag, cake pop sticks, blue laces, sprinkles and stars, a rainbow cloud template, paper streamers and a split pin. The ingredients list and allergy information label is stuck in the base of the box and easily readable.

Opening up the guide, it was very easy for my 4 year old to understand that the pictures were depicting what equipment and utensils we would need and she enjoyed the hunt of finding the things in our kitchen and ticking them off.

We decided to make the Rainbow Cloud first. Yes, the eyes ended up being cut out wonky, but Ella desperately wanted to do this herself and yes I misunderstood step 3 and stuck the white streamers on the wrong side of the cloud (no one noticed) but our finished masterpiece was fantastic! It was made by us and involved lots of gluing and sticking efforts. Above all it enabled us to spend quality time together without the hassle of buying lots of materials and away from technology.

The next day we made the Whoopie Pie Clouds. Two baking mixes are included – it would be really handy to add something to the labels to make it clearer that the mixes are for the same recipe as this sleep deprived mumma got a bit confused on whether the buttercream icing mix was for the Whoopie Pie Clouds or for something else as there was also a double sided card in the box with recipes for Whoopie Pies and for Meringue Raindrops. Just a simple similar looking label on both with the name of the recipe would suffice.

This was a very easy to follow recipe and adding only a couple of everyday household ingredients; I was surprised at what generous fluffy puffy clouds it made! They cooled quickly and there was so much buttercream we could pile our icing high and it all tasted delicious too. I’ve tried a different brand craft/baking box before and was shocked at the tiny size of cakes we made so to be given such generous portions was very impressive.

We have still got lots more things to make and this will keep us busy for some time. The activities are varied so it is a fantastic boredom busting toolkit. It holds the child’s interest, they want to return to it again, its engaging and fun, it builds confidence and a sense of achievement. Life is busy, and we try to ensure our children have everything they need but something like this BKD box gives us parents/carers a helping hand. It gives us the materials and ideas. All we need to do is share in the creativity with our little ones and make memories together.

There are many subscription options for the BKD Bakers Club which is aimed at children aged 3-8 years and if you sign up for a year it works out at £8.99 a month which is amazing value for money. You can cancel at any time and there is also an online blog containing free experiments and activities you can do. I’m definitely tempted to sign up…

Rating: 5/5

Price: £9.99 per month (plus postage).

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