Bizzi Growin Silver Star Cushion Review

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

My niece has just moved into a new house and so this means my great-niece who is 8 years old has a lovely brand-new bedroom with everything new and colour coordinated. The colours of her room are grey and silver. So I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to review the Silver Star Cushion supplied by Bizzi Growin. I did have to tell my niece it was for her daughter’s room as she wanted it for her bedroom as it is so cute.

It was bigger than I expected and so well made. It comes in both gold and silver and will be a great addition to nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

The company Bizzi Growin was set up as they spotted a gap in the market for nursery products, the ones being sold were either colourful but cheap or durable but dull. So they decided to incorporate them both. Let’s have colourful but durable and why not, that is what we want for our children.

They started off with over 25 years of knowledge and just a suitcase of samples, both Tesco and Next believed in them and it all went from there. Now their designs are award-winning and when you look at their products you can understand why.  All products are made in the U.K.

They are constantly adding to their wonderful collection. Two of the collections are the Snoozin collection which includes sleeping bags, bumpers and quilts and the Cuddlin collection which includes cushions, muslins and blankets.

As I was sent a beautiful cushion, I will tell you a bit about the cushion collection. Babies and children of all ages would love these and some adults! It is quite difficult to describe some of these cushions you really need to take a look at the website to see them in all their glory.

They are all a fair size, nice and snugly for your children. I also think they are very unique I have never seen cushions quite like them and so wonderfully made.

Within the collection there is a lovely cloud cushion make from the softest of Sherpa fleece and it has dangling legs. Then you have the unicorn shaped cushion in black and white. The pretty llama cotton shaped cushion would add fun to any child’s room. Flora the Flamingo has sparkly legs and knotted knees, so very cute and loveable. A very bright toucan squishy pillow. A huge T-Rex cushion and another cotton dinosaur. A rabbit shaped cushion. Then there is 3 square knit cushion with flamingos, a monkey and a unicorn on them. I have to say I love them all and I think if this is what you are looking for then it will be very difficult to choose.

These would make an ideal present, especially with Christmas fast approaching.

The Silver Star, which has little eyes on, only retails at £15. I think this is such a fantastic price for such quality. You can also use the cushions as props to assist in your storytelling and nursery rhymes for the younger children.

Warning never let you child sleep with these pillows in their cots or beds.

Definitely 5/5 stars for this Shining Star, soft, cuddly and will add a bit of shining dazzle to any nursery.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15

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