Biovene Coconut and Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Review


Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Shampoo and conditioner bars are just what the planet needs, offering the perfect solution in the quest to eliminating plastic from our lifestyle.

The Biovene shampoo and conditioner bars are packaged in a brown cardboard box and are smaller than I was expecting. The do, however, last as long as one and a half (1½) bottles of liquid shampoo so would go a long way!

They are plastic free, SLS free and palm oil free as well as being ph balanced and not tested on animals.

The coconut & keratin bar is perfect for dry and damaged hair as it contains natural nut oils and keratin. You can use them every day without over drying.

I have found, from previously using shampoo bars, that they can not be very I was excited to try something different that promises to rescue coloured and heat treated hair.

So what is it like to use?

Firstly the smell is amazing! It isn’t overpowering but just clean and nurturing. Coconut always reminds me of holidays – conjuring up images of tropical beaches and sun! Much needed at this time!

Shampoo bars are handy to use in the shower and after wetting my hair thoroughly, I took the dry shampoo bar and soaked it till it lathered. I then rubbed it through my hair from root to tip. It took longer than it would with a liquid shampoo but my hair felt thoroughly clean after.

Next was the turn of the conditioner bar. Conditioner bars, I find, can be difficult to thoroughly moisturise, but this did feel like it was smoothing out the hair and did an effective job, albeit taking a bit of work, and time, to thoroughly rub in.

The instructions do suggest that you turn off the shower when rubbing in the bars so as not to waste water, which is a great tip.

My hair is on the thin side so if you had thick or curly hair it may take even more time to condition satisfactorily but I am confident that it would do an amazing job.

Afterwards, once my hair was dry it was soft, shiny and glossy and felt great. I was really impressed with this shampoo bar and would definitely recommend if you are on the look out for a shampoo bar.

Once the bars had dried out I put them back into the cardboard container to keep it clean and, using this as a case, it held its shape really well and did not disintegrate as cardboard can do.

What are shampoo and conditioner bars useful for?

As well as cutting down on our plastic footprint, shampoo bars are perfect for throwing in your gym bag, as their compact size doesn’t take up much space at all, washing hair after swimming or a workout at the gym.

If you are luckily enough to be doing any travel, shampoo bars are good for plane journeys as you aren’t restricted by bottle size.

Zero waste and at the great price of £4.99 for fantastic results!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

You can purchase this item from here

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