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Reviewed by Emma Rogers, the new website for finding local professionals, whether it be piano teachers, gardeners or simple home repairs.

Remember the time you needed someone to do that tiny repair, like fix a leaky tap, or dig up a tree stump but you didn’t know where to go to find them?  Or perhaps you’ve decided to cross something off your bucket list and learn to play guitar, or want someone to organise the entertainment at your wedding? Well in the old days, we used to turn to the Yellow Pages, or your friend Trish would recommend someone who did her own kid’s birthday party, but nowadays, that’s all changed with the internet. And does anyone know what happened to the Yellow Pages?

Bidvine is an old concept changed for modern day. Their website gives lots of ideas of what you can bid for, and it’s not just household and handy DIY stuff, it’s personal trainers and Reiki healing too. The login ins simple. You add your details to open an account (which is free) then you can search for what you want by postcode, usually the postcode where you work or live. The website takes you through the process of asking a few questions then they send the request out to all their participants with those credentials and up to 5 of them contact you within 48 hours.

We tested it out several times for different needs to see if it would work for us. There’s no obligation to go with any of the tradespeople so you can put a request out there and you don’t have to choose any of them. I tested two areas; rubbish removal and graphic design. Within a few minutes, I’d had 4 offers of graphic design help. My budget for a new logo for my business was £100 but they didn’t know that in my original request. Some suppliers were offering £30 for the logo, some were offering £130 for the whole logo redesign package. The bid process allows you to give details of your telephone number if you want them to contact you, and several of them did. However, I was sure that I’d ticked the box to say that I didn’t want to be contacted by phone, yet they still contacted me. You can’t go back into the request and look at the settings either, which was slightly annoying.

I also had some responses for the rubbish removal. I went through the same process of answering the questions like the type of rubbish to remove, where it was located, bagged up etc. A few companies contacted me so I started a dialogue with a few of them. They asked me some questions about when I was available and how much there was. I could send a photo to them through the website, but it wasn’t easy. If I could have one suggestion for the Bidvine website team it would be to make it easier to send photos from the start. The service provider and I talked for a while and we made a date for them to remove the garden waste I had and they said that it would cost £200, which was out of my reach. I decided to take the easiest bags to the tip myself then asked them to quote again as there was less stuff to take away. I said I had a budget of only £100 and they accepted that. We made the arrangements, but they had to change the day and brought it forward though, so I was a bit rushed when they got here. When they did, they said that the weight was too much for the £100 they had quoted and it would be more like £120 for the rubbish they’d already loaded onto their van, and another £30 for the 6 bags that were left. This was over my budget, and I wish that there was a way of them working out the cost before they got here, or told me about the increase of cost before they loaded the van! You pay the tradespeople directly, not through the website.

Overall, the process was easy and very quick. There were a lot of respondents for each request and I believe the number of suppliers is increasing all the time. There are a wide variety of trades listed and you can search by trade to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. You can read reviews about suppliers from other bidders who have used them and see their photos of work completed. My only criticism is that I would have preferred the security of having the payment through the Bidvine website, so that it was more secure, and I would have the option of paying by credit card or debit card too. In time, I think it would be worth looking out to see reviews being added and looking at the bids on your project requests. Some trades are more popular than others, but you won’t know until you make a request.

Rating: 4/5

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