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BelvitaBreakfastBiscuitsCrunchyApricotBelvita Breakfast Biscuits
Crunchy Apricot

Reviewed by Chris Barker

These are a new flavour in the popular Belvita Breakfast Biscuit range. Each box contains 6 mini packs of 3 biscuits (wrapped in cellophane) and currently retails in my local supermarket for £2.79 per box.

The packaging states that the biscuits contain 5 wholegrains and that they have a slow release of carbohydrate over 4 hours. It is recommended that you eat 3 biscuits with “a plain dairy product (for your calcium intake), a fruit (for vitamins) and a tea or coffee (for your hydration)”. It is stated that this will provide you with 20-25% of your daily nutritional needs.

The biscuits are well-packaged and the box arrived through the post with no breaks. I’m not convinced that the individual 3 pack will fair so well pushed into a stuffed handbag.

The biscuits are fairly substantial and definitely chunky. They look wholesome, with a pleasing nobbly texture. They have a good crunch, although they do crumb quite considerably. Most annoyingly, the apricot jelly pieces and the grains tend to stick in my teeth.


The biscuits also taste ok, in a synthetic sweet sort of way. It was the taste that made me look at the ingredients and, as you’ll see from the nutritional information above, the biscuits are 13% sugar! Suddenly, they don’t seem so healthy.

This leads me to the main problem. These biscuits contain 67 calories each. I didn’t feel as if I’d had a ‘proper breakfast’ and I was certainly craving something else by my morning break. I could have had porridge with fruit for less calories and felt fuller. However, I would find it difficult to have porridge on the move and it is for these times that the breakfast biscuit comes in handy.

I have bought Belvita biscuits before and will probably do so again, despite the limitations. They aren’t a substitute for a ‘proper breakfast’ but then neither is a rushed journey to work a substitute for a relaxed Sunday morning fry-up over the papers.

However, I won’t be buying the apricot flavour and I think I’ll probably be staying clear of the other ‘fruit’ flavours too. The taste is too artificial and I still haven’t got all the pieces out of my teeth!

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £2.79

For more information visit Available to buy from all good supermarkets.

3 half Star

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