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Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Activity Cube Review

PeterRabbitActivityCubePeter Rabbit Activity Cube

Reviewed by Jennifer Edwards

We were sent the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Activity Cube to review. The Cube itself was sat in a card tray with pictures of Peter Rabbit, and the items name written on it. It measures 6 inches along each edge.

As soon as I unwrapped the Cube my 2 year old bounded over and asked if she could look at it, so since the baby was asleep I let her play with it for a bit. I initially thought she was a little old for it, but the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Activity Cube drew her attention straightaway and she spent quite a while examining the different bits of it.

When my 8 month old daughter woke up, I sat her on the floor with the cube in front of her. She immediately grabbed for it, and began exploring each face of the cube. The first face is taken up by Peter Rabbits head, made out of plush material, with ears measuring 4 inches, extending from the edge. The second face is plush green material with an embroidered bee in the centre, each of its wings are white and made of a crackly material. The third face is white plush material, with a bright red strawberry in the middle. The strawberry is made of cotton with rubber dots, which create an interesting texture. It is also backed by crackly material, and in place of leaves, it has green ribbon. The fourth face is white with blue spots and it has a picture of Peter Rabbit and says Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit on it. The fifth face is blue corduroy with a 4 inch safety mirror in the centre. The final face in covered in white plush material and half of it is covered with a blue cotton pocket. Inside the pocket is a 5 inch plush Peter Rabbit, wearing his iconic blue jacket. This is attached inside the pocket with a length of cord. Inside the cube is a bell, which makes a pleasing tinkling noise when the cube is moved.

My daughter genuinely loves this toy. She was fascinated with the mirror, and enjoyed playing with the miniature Peter Rabbit. She gets very excited when she sees the cube, and I can see it is going to be a toy she will play with for quite a while.

I am very impressed with the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Activity Cube. It is a great size, and features lots of interesting textures and components. There is a great range of things to stimulate a baby tactilely and visually.

I would definitely purchase this, and I will be recommending it to others.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.99

Suitable age: 0-2 years

Available to buy from the Beatrix Potter shop here.


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