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Barefoot Wine and Dark Horse Californian Wine Review


Reviewed by Alison Bretherton

I was delighted to be chosen recently to review a pair of popular wines from California, with a view to choosing them as a Father’s Day Gift. (I did employ the help of my partner to help me consume them!)

Barefoot Wines Californian Chardonnay

My partner and I don’t normally choose wines from California, usually sticking to the European favourites, so this was a real novelty for us to taste.

We tried the Barefoot Chardonnay with fish; it worked well, enhancing the flavours of the food without being overwhelming. I think it would be great to drink with any kind of seafood or a light pasta dish. I found it quite a sweet white wine, there is a hint of peach and an underlying note of honey. My partner, however, thought it was more dry, he detected notes of crisp green apple! I guess everyone’s palate is different!

We both agreed that this was a wine more suited to enjoying with food, rather than drinking on its own. Be aware though, that this wine is 13.5% ABV, so it’s still fairly strong although it tastes quite delicate!

Something which mystified us both was the fact that there seemed to be no year of production obvious on the labels. There was a tiny copyright 2007, but I’m pretty sure that was not to do with the vintage of the wine.

This would be a great wine for outdoor drinking in the summer, perfect to take along to a barbecue. It is widely available from most supermarkets, retailing around £6.75, thought you will often find it on special offer.


RRP: around £6.75

This product is available to buy from the Barefoot Wine website here.

Dark Horse Californian Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Another Californian wine, this is not one for the faint-hearted! Even in the bottle, it is a deep dark crimson colour, so you know it’s going to be heavy on taste. When you first smell it, you are met with an intense blast of dark red fruits. Strong berry flavours dominate, we could detect a real jamminess, there is almost a damson note in this full-bodied, hearty red. I found it to be too overwhelming for me, but my partner really enjoyed the dark spicy finish, he could even taste chocolate in there!

Again, it’s definitely not a wine for drinking on its own, but would provide an excellent accompaniment to steak or other red meats or game. This wine would also work well with strong cheeses. I think it would be great to drink in the winter, with a hearty beef bourgignon!

I think this wine needs to breathe before consumption, so you really should open the bottle at least an hour or so before you plan to drink it. Again, it is 13.5% ABV, so it’s quite strong in alcohol content.

This wine is quite widely available from most supermarkets, retails around £8.50, but it’s often on special offer, so grab a case when you can!


RRP: around £8.50

This product is available to buy from the Barefoot Wine website here.

So, all in all, this pair of Californian wines would make an ideal gift for Father’s Day, especially if the recipient is fond of cooking, or barbecuing, as both bottles will definitely enhance food.

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