A Man Bun Is A Must-Try For Every Fashion-Forward Guy


Wearing a man bun does not define you as a member of any kind of social group or subculture. What it does say about you though is that you are a trendy and fashion-savvy man. So, wait no longer to try on this popular male hairstyle with the help of our guide.

What Is A Man Bun?

A men bun is not particularly different from any other kind of a bun, except for the fact that you tie it on a man’s head, of course. This hairstyle suggests that you bundle up most or, ideally, all of your hair behind your head. We do not give details intentionally, as you can tie a man bun in a myriad of different ways, which our MensHaircuts website covers deeply.

What Face Shapes Does It Flatter?

Similar to the majority of hairstyles for men, a bun does not flatter everyone. This greatly depends on your face shape and its features. Thus, guys whose faces are square, triangle and oval can sport this hairstyle without hesitation, as it looks especially good on them. However, those who have a round, heart, oblong or diamond face shape may be able to pull it off as well.

How To Style A Man Bun?

Like we said before, because it is so versatile, there is no universal way to style a man bun. Still, we can give you some tips on how to nail this popular male hairstyle:

  • So that you could tie your hair behind your head, it should not be shorter than 6 inches.
  • A bun looks good only when your hair looks good. So, make sure to take care of it in a proper way.
  • When the needed length is achieved, apply a blob of a hairstyling product to your damp locks and run a comb through them.
  • Push all of your hair to the back of the head and tie it in a pony using an elastic band.
  • Twist the pony around its base and fasten the tip using a bobby pin or one more elastic band.
  • If you want it to give off an effortless and breezy vibe, make sure not to make your bun too sleek or tight.

The Trendiest Man Bun Hairstyles You Should Try

Since now you are pretty well informed about a man bun, let us introduce you to its most popular styles.

A Standard Man Bun

Nothing can compare to a good old classic men bun. Its beauty in its simplicity. Even if this is your first bun ever, you can rest assured that you will be able to nail it with ease. In addition to that, it looks spick and span. Thus, feel free to sport it for any occasion, from casual to formal.

A Man Bun With A Fade

There is probably no such a hairstyle that you would not be able to complement with a fade and a bun is no different. This popular man haircut helps you to make your mane look more defined and high-contrast. Besides, as it takes some hair off the sides and back, maintaining long tresses becomes much easier.

A Man Bun And A Braid

Just like a bun, a braid is no longer a gender-specific hairstyle. Hence, you are very welcome to go for it whenever you want. If you would like to create a particularly jaw-dropping hairstyle, then why not pair a bun with a braid? Together, they will look so cool that you will rake in the compliments for sure.

A Bun For Curly Hair Men

One of the best things about a men bun is that it works for any hair type. So, if you have curly or wavy tresses, you should not shy away from this awesome hairstyle. On the contrary, with such a defined hair structure, your bun will gain additional volume and definition.

A Men Bun And A Beard

Regardless of how controversial this may sound, but incorporating extra hair may add to your masculinity. And by extra hair, we mean a beard. This is a surefire way to create a true virile look for men who feel self-conscious when wearing long hair on the head.

All in all, it is totally up to you to decide how to wear a man bun. Maybe, you will go even further and create your own style, thus making it your signature look. We hope that our guide has infused you with a dose of inspiration.

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