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BareFootPeppermintandPlumFootLotionBare Foot
Peppermint and Plum Foot Lotion

Reviewed by Lynn Short

I was pleased to be asked to review this product as I have very dry skin and some patches of extremely hard skin on my feet. I am always trying out different products hoping to find one that will really work for me.

This product comes in a squeezy tube shaped rather like a foot, I liked this but some people might find the shape off-putting. It is brightly coloured with pictures of plums and peppermint leaves. The information on the tube is brief and to the point:

“This invigorating lotion with extracts of Plum and Peppermint, energizes aching legs and feet while smoothing dry skin on tough soles and heels.  Now with Tea Tree Oil to soothe and relax tired feet. To Use: Massage on feet and legs, focusing on rough areas.”

There is no indication as to how frequently it should be used, so I have used it once daily on my feet and lower legs.

It is made in the USA by Freeman Beauty Labs and they state that it is not tested on animals. There is a long list of ingredients some of which are unfamiliar to me but otherwise sounding like a fruit salad as it has extracts from many other plants including banana, papaya, raspberry and others.

As it is called a lotion I expected it to be fairly liquid, but it is a smooth creamy substance with a pale lilac colour and, unsurprisingly, a delicate fruity smell. I applied it with a gently massaging motion and found that it felt silky and was easily absorbed, there was no greasy residue as with many foot products. Immediately after application my feet felt “tingly” and revitalised. The lotion felt very pleasant when applied to my legs, but I have not noticed any improvement to my skin there. However my feet are feeling much softer and there is certainly an improvement to the very hard areas of skin.

As with all skin products the efficacy will vary according to the individual but I certainly feel this one works for me; I will continue to use it on my feet, but probably not for my legs. I would certainly recommend that anyone with hard, dry skin on their feet should give it a try.

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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