Babycup Baby and Toddler First Cups Review

Baby & Toddler First Cups

Reviewed by Katy Webster

On receiving the 4 pack Multi Babycup and reading through the enclosed leaflet, I was surprised that I have never seen these in the shops before. They come with many endorsements from dentists and other medical professionals as the best way to get your baby to start drinking (or sipping).

In the pack are 4 small open cups, without handles. They are about 5cm high and the open top of the cup is about 4.5 cm wide. I loved the simple concept and bright colours of the cups, as did my 7 month old baby (and my 3 year old who wanted to play with them too!). The plastic is a very high quality, and they are sturdy yet the plastic is not very thick, which means babies can get their small mouths around the brim. The fact that the cups are not too wide also means that it is easier for babies to drink out of. They have useful volume markings on them too. They would be the perfect size for mothers who need to cup-feed newborn babies.

My 7 month old has been on solids for about 2 weeks, and has taken to a sippy cup really well, so I was interested to see how he got on with the BabyCups. I put a tiny drop of water in one, and he managed to sip very well with my assistance. However, left to his own devices, he was not quite so good at sipping! He is currently teething, and just wanted to bite the opposite side of the cup, meaning the contents kept spilling out. I am definitely going to persevere when he is a bit older, in order to encourage good drinking habits. He enjoys ‘practising’ with them and listening to the sound of his breathing in the cups, so they are getting good use, but just not in quite the right way yet!

I would recommend these to my friends as they are an inexpensive piece of baby kit that encourages little ones to drink like grownups.


The Babycup comes in packs of 4 in either blue, green, pink or yellow or a multi-colour pack of 4 that contains 1 of each colour.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99

Available to buy from Babycup here.


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