As Nice As Pie by Gary Sheppard Review

Reviewed by David Savage

As Nice As Pie is a rhyming children’s book about a lady that loves to cook and share her food with the birds in her garden. It is written by Gary Sheppard and illustrated by Tim Budgen.

Mavis loves cooking. She loves her garden. But most of all, she loves sharing her cooking with the birds in her garden. But while it starts off as very manageable with feeding one bird, it soon gets out of control with hundreds of birds turning up daily to be feed.

The birds are taking advantage of her generosity and demanding more and more until she comes up with a plan to teach them a lesson in manners and respect. Even enlisting their help to make more pies.

As Nice As Pie is a charming children’s book that teaches about sharing, pride, manners, respect, team work, greed and not taking advantage of others. It is written with easy rhyming text that children will love.

I read it with 4 year old twin boys at bedtime (it is the perfect length for a bedtime story, has 32 pages) and they loved it and asked to read it again! It is fun, well-written and beautifully illustrated, bringing the text to life.

An excellent story with bright and colourful illustrations that complement the story extremely well. Children, parents and teachers will love it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback) | ISBN: 978-1-84886-222-7

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