Andrew Barton Strictly No Knots Detangling Comb Review

AndrewBartonStrictlyNoKnotsAndrew Barton
Strictly No Knots Detangling Comb

Reviewed by Jen Jarvis

My first impressions of the Andrew Barton Strictly No Knots Detangling Comb were great, packaging nice and slick, and comb looks good quality. I tried it on my hair whilst outside on a windy day and it was great!

I also tried it on my daughter’s very curly hair after a day at school and was surprised at how easily it went through her hair. There were simple instructions telling you to use the bigger end when your hair is wet and smaller end when dry, which we have tried and would worked great. I will definitely be using it on both our hair regularly! Not many combs or brushes work in my daughter’s curly hair, so it’s good to have something we can both use considering we have very different types of hair.

Lastly, I like how compact it is, would easily fit in my makeup bag which is nice!


Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £2.50

Available to buy from Asda in-store or online here.


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