Alphasaurs by Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss Review

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

I knew my six year old son would love a book about dinosaurs. What I didn’t expect was that I or my husband would love it too! This is a book that appeals to young and old alike. The book is a hardback book with a paper sleeve cover. The paper sleeve cover is very modern and trendy, a dark and light green background with dinosaurs on. The dinosaurs are created using typography – nothing but letters! The hard cover underneath is yellow with just two simple dinosaur heads on, also created using typography – very cool! My husband has a design background and he loved the simple, clever styling of the cover, and commented that it was the kind of book he would want to pick up and look through. My son was eager to read it too, although he didn’t particularly appreciate the typography, he just loved the dinosaur images!

The content of the book is good. Each page has a different dinosaur on, beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, and ordered alphabetically. For example A = allosaurus, b = brachiosaurus, c = compsognathus etc. Each page has a picture of the dinosaur on made up of nothing but the letter it begins with, for example, the allosaurus is made up of all A’s. It also tells you how to pronounce the name phonetically and has several facts at the bottom, highlighting words that begin with that pages letter. As a teacher I can see that I would use this book to help aid teaching about alphabetical order, and grouping words beginning with the same letter – the start of dictionary skills.

When talking with my son after reading, the bit he liked best were the flaps that opened out! Several of the pages had fold out parts which made the dinosaur look even bigger, which always appeals to children. These were sturdy and appropriately scattered throughout the book. My husband liked the typography and the cool design and layout of the book. I personally liked the facts which were informative but also humorous.

This book is by American authors, so one small thing I would point out is that it would benefit from having some spellings changed to the English spelling so as to not confuse children, e.g. armor to armour.

Another slight improvement could be made to the opening pages. There are two pages of wonderful information, but I found my son got bored as I was reading them to him as there were no pictures for him to look at to hold his attention. These opening pages would benefit from some pictures to keep younger children engaged.

This book is a great design piece, and it would appeal to all ages for varying reasons. It’s a great coffee table book to pick up and dip in and out of. We will certainly pick it up and reread parts. I would recommend this book to others.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £15.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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