ALDI Specialbuys: Valentine’s Day Review

Reviewed by Dawn Watson

ALDI are known for their Specialbuys offered throughout the year (usually new ones every Thursday and Sunday) and I was lucky to receive a box of goodies all designed for the romantics amongst us and to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

I received the following: a chocolate fountain machine, a Valentine’s ladies apron, a pink emblazoned cushion, a canvas, and a lovely set of silver butterfly lights.

First up was the Ambiano Chocolate Fountain (RRP: £19.99). This was very easy to set up and operate and came with very clear instructions on how to use… And something I didn’t know is this machine must have pre-melted chocolate added to it, it does not melt the chocolate for you…


Once we added our melted chocolate off it went (it takes about 20 minutes to preheat). Ideal for kid’s parties, dipping marshmallows etc. on Valentine’s Day or just popping on when your friends are round. It was easy to clean to and with the lovely red base is a nice addition to our kitchen.

Good value for money and comes with a 3 year warranty. Me and my two girls really enjoyed using our chocolate fountain and I’m sure it will be used a lot!

Next was the gorgeous pink and cream large cushion (30x50cm) emblazoned with the words ‘one in a million’ (RRP: £4.99). A lovely gift for all the romantic males out there looking to surprise their loved ones, I also thought be a nice gift to give a mum, daughter etc. too. It is good quality heavy material and a good size too. I noticed also that the cover can come off for washing which is a bonus for a cushion. This would be a nice, more unusual Valentine’s gift away from the expected chocolates and flowers. It really is sweet.


This was followed by a ladies jigsaw apron with the words ‘I love you to pieces’ (RRP: £3.99) written all over it in lots of different pink tones. In my opinion I’m not sure I’d like to receive an apron for Valentine’s Day, I see this more as something a woman can wear on Valentine’s night when she is preparing her loved ones Valentine’s meal. It is really good quality, 100% cotton, which can also be washed. Good to see it has an adjustable strap for around your neck so that you can adjust it for ease of comfort around there and also a lovely big roomy pocket on the front, handy when cooking!


Then I had a printed canvas (20 x 3.5 x 25cm) with the words ‘you make my heart go boom’ (RRP: £2.99). This is so cute probably aimed, I think, at the younger couples, but it really is so pretty and I can imagine would look lovely on a younger person’s wall, noticed this is priced at £2.99 so a really lovely inexpensive and long lasting Valentine’s gift.


And lastly, I received a cute box of battery operated butterfly LED lights in silver (RRP: £2.99). They take 2xAA batteries and would look lovely in any room for Valentine’s or anytime throughout the year. There are 10 butterflies and it measures approx. 1 metre in length. They are really cute and my daughter has already said she would like them around her headboard! Cute gift for something little on Valentine’s Day.


Lots of lovely unusual gift ideas for Valentine’s this year from ALDI, I know they have much more in their range and that this will just be a small selection of what is available, so I am sure there will be something for everyone’s taste, style and budgets!

The ALDI Specialbuys Valentine’s range will be in stores from 5 February 2017. For more information or to see the full Valentine’s range visit


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