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Aldi Specialbuys Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Breadmaker Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White

I was so excited when I received my Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Breadmaker from Aldi’s Specialbuys event and couldn’t wait to unpack it.

Inside the box was the breadmaker, the bread pan ~ but where was the paddle to mix the bread?  It was so small I almost missed it, only about the size of the electric plug!

Luckily I had bought strong white bread flour and dried yeast suitable for a breadmaker already. I couldn’t wait to start!

I read the instructions carefully, I was really keen to start but I did not skip anything. I read through the recipes and decided on which one to make first.

When I felt ready I got out the kitchen scales. The ingredients had to be measured accurately and be put in the breadmaker in a certain order or the yeast could be activated too soon. The recipes made it quite clear as to the order.

I could make a French loaf, I decided on small! With the breadmaker pan outside the breadmaker I put in the water, salt, strong white flour and yeast all carefully measured. I put the pan in the breadmaker and set the breadmaker to programme 2, the programmes are also listed clearly on the breadmaker itself as well as the instruction book. I chose the size of the loaf, at first I could not see the small arrow, set it to small, then the colour of the crust. I pressed start and waited excitedly.

Nothing much happened to begin with but I could check the progress through the window on the top of the breadmaker. Eventually the aroma of baking bread started to spread from the kitchen to the lounge. At last the breadmaker indicated the bread was ready!

Using oven gloves I lifted the pan from the breadmaker and tipped the bread out onto a heat proof board. The paddle was still inside the bread. I used a plastic spatula to release it so as not to damage the non stick paddle. The next step was to cut myself a slice of bread and butter it! Delicious!  It was the closest I have come to my childhood when we used to go to the Bakehouse at the bottom of our street and buy a hot buttered bap!

Next I tried basic white bread. I followed the instructions as before. This time I needed olive oil, sugar and dried milk powder in addition to the other ingredients. I placed the breadmaker on the kitchen worktop but when it started mixing I heard it dancing and working itself forward so I quickly unplugged it and put it back on the kitchen floor. You are able to unplug it to do this as long as you don’t leave it unplugged for too long and it remembers the settings. This time the bread came out leaving the paddle behind. The bread again was delicious.

I have even made a loaf overnight, it was so simple to set up in the normal way then use the plus buttons to choose the time for the bread to be ready.

I was hoping to try all the recipes, the speciality breads, pizza dough, fruit cake and jam but have not had time. They can all be made in this breadmaker.

I want to try making a fruit malt loaf but have not found malt, you can add the fruit part way through the process so it doesn’t get chopped up by all the mixing processes.

The breadmaker comes with 12 programmes for making Basic, French, Wholewheat, Cake, Sweet, Dough, Jam, Sandwich, Gluten Free plus two Fastbake Programmes and Speciality bread and full instructions.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The bread pan and paddle are easy to clean after use and the breadmaker to wipe out.

I love this breadmaker and the bread I make using it, it makes breadmaking so easy, and cannot wait to try fruit bread, a homemade hot cross bun loaf! There is even a chocolate bread recipe!!

I can thoroughly recommend this Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Breadmaker.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy as part of Aldi’s Specialbuys while stocks last. To find your nearest Aldi store or to see the latest Specialbuys visit www.aldi.co.uk.


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