Aldi Specialbuys Easy Home Castors Review


Reviewed by Keith Mitchell

This set of 4 large castors came in a bubble pack that needed a strong pair of scissors to open. There was a bit of a problem with the instructions, they were in French, German and I think Italian but no English. They do have little pictures and I think they indicated something to do with max loading etc… but that is only a guess.

Anyway, two with a little braking device on, easily operated by toe and 2 plain. There is a good chunky metal plate on each needing 4 screws (not supplied) to fix it to something, i.e. swivel chair, furniture etc… I think they are nylon wheels, about 2.5 inch diameter and 1 inch wide (this varies depending on the type of castors you buy).

I fitted them to a chunk of chipboard to use as a dolly for testing, putting on some roof tiles, toolboxes and plant pots. I worked out that the instruction show max 4km/hr speed. No chance of me hitting that target, but they do run smoothly over concrete, smooth floors and quite thick carpet quite easily without digging in. Ideal to put under furniture that you may wish to move around later or to use as a dolly to shift things. Certainly far better than most castors which tend to be smaller, thinner and hard work.

I would certainly recommend these although the instructions do need improving although the weight limits and sizes are on Aldi’s website.

Available to buy as 8 Furniture Castors (40mm, load capacity 20kg per castor), 5 Castors for Swivel Chairs (50mm, load capacity 30kg per castor), 4 Transport Castors (75mm, load capacity 50kg per castor) and 4 Swivel Castors (75mm, load capacity 30kg per castor).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

Aldi DIY Specialbuys are in stores nationwide from 5 July 2015. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit


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