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Aldi Gardenline Garden Pruning Set Review

Reviewed by Louise Platt

I was asked to review the Gardenline Garden Pruning Set which is a Specialbuy product available from Aldi at the very reasonable price of £4.99.

The set includes two items: Bypass Pruners and Straight Pruners which are well packaged, fully covered with a plastic shell on a cardboard mount.

Both pruners are silver with black non-slip handles and both feel very sturdy and substantial without being overly heavy. They are made of die cast aluminum and the blades are durable stainless steel. Both have a safety catch and are spring-loaded which makes them much easier to use.

The Bypass Pruners are the common curved blade style which tend to be popular with gardeners and I certainly have always used this style in my garden. You get a clean cut from two curved blades that move past each other (hence ‘bypass’) just like a pair of scissors. One of the blades is sharp and cuts as it moves by a thicker unsharpened blade. These pruners are recommended (as per the information on the packaging of the product) for pruning twigs and flowers up to a maximum diameter of 15mm. The second pair has straight blades and are more suited to cutting flowers and smaller twigs.

There is some useful information on the outside of the packaging as to how to prune and the optimum time of the year to do it for various types of plants and shrubs (climbing roses, flowering and fruiting bushes, cut flowers etc…). There are also all the required safety information in addition to the care guidelines which recommend that the pruners are kept clean with an oily cloth to ensure optimum performance.

They have a hanging fabric handle which is useful if you want to hang them up. I tend to hang mine on the fence between uses when I am gardening to keep them out of reach from my young children and my dog so this is a useful feature to have.

I tried both pruners on various shrubs around my garden and was impressed with how sharp and effective they were. I had no issues cutting and they were easy and comfortable to use.

I think these are a great product for the average home gardener. They are stylish, comfortable and do the job they are designed for. I cannot comment on longevity as I’ve not had the chance to try them over a long period of time as yet but I certainly think that to get two pruners in a set for this price is incredibly good value for money and I would not hesitate in recommending this product.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

For your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.


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