Alcosense Elite 3 Review


Reviewed by Darryl Ryznar

How often do you think about your alcohol levels the night after drinking? Well, here’s a heady stat: in England and Wales alone, approximately 85,000 people are convicted of drink-driving related offenses every year – with more than 20% of these convictions coming the morning after a night of boozing. Scary, right?

It can all be rather confusing, especially after a night of indulging in one or two many drinks – and it’s not easy to tell or even work out if you’re legally able to drive or not, at any given point without being able to verify it. Too often do people “chance it” or take the risk that they could be over the limit – or even WAY over – and that’s where the AlcoSense Elite 3 breathalyser comes in.

AlcoSense Elite 3 is the newest edition to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense Elite breathalyser family, where the AlcoSens Elite 2 has been described as “the most award-winning breathalyser on the market in the UK” and has won a multitude of awards including, the What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Winner, and Fifth Gear Group Test Winner.

Super easy to use, this durable clever piece of kit has a sleek compact design (it’s really small!) meaning it easily fits in a pocket or handbag, so it’s easily transportable. It’s also really reliable thanks to the premium semi-conductor sensor being extremely accurate. And, it only requires 3 x AAA batteries to run, which come in the pack – win!

To actually take a reading, you just need to switch it on, and once it displays the ‘blow’ symbol on the screen, you blow through the tube for 6 seconds (until it beeps) and it’ll give you your reading in seconds. It also uses a traffic light colour system for the results – red, amber and green. Red means you’re close to or over the limit, Amber means an alcohol reading has been taken but you’re under the limit, and green means no alcohol was found.

It can also be used anywhere in the UK or Ireland as it has a variable pre-sets, so you can choose your country and limit easily.

While it isn’t the cheapest on the market at RRP £69.99, you’re paying for a top of the range piece of equipment, and the freedom that comes from knowing you’re not over the legal limit. As I mentioned before, its predecessor won a vast number of awards, and I expect this newer model will do the same come award season – especially as it’s now 30% more accurate!

Ideal as a Christmas gift, this smart piece of equipment will come in handy around the festive period. No longer will you have to try and judge if you’re legally able to drive the morning after giving into some Christmas cheer, and then worry as you skulk home, post a merry evening. The AlcoSense Elite 3 will do all the hard work for you, giving you peace of mind this holiday season.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

This product can be purchased from the Alcosense website here.

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