Add Some Eastern Influence To Your Bathroom With Feng Shui

Love the feeling you get when you go to a spa style bathroom? We can probably all agree that there’s just something about it that screams serenity. This can be down to a whole host of things, from the materials used to the ambient lighting. But have you ever considered that it might be partially down to great feng shui too? It might seem a little zany, but this ancient Chinese practice is now a rising feature in Western interior design too. Speaking generally, feng shui is an age old tradition that aims to spread positivity and calmness through the way in which our rooms are arranged. It is said to help align us with the positive energy our homes creates – which can only be a good thing, right? If you’re interested in giving feng shui a go yourself, there’s no better place to start than the bathroom.

Keeping things in order

One of the most important aspects of feng shui is making sure that everything has its place. Ever tried to relax when the room around you is a mess? Most of us will be able to confirm that this is pretty hard. By using some smart storage options, you will not only be adhering to feng shui, but also creating a more pleasant bathing experience for both you and your family. Instead of having various bottles of shampoo and body wash lying around the sides of your bath, install some mounted storage options. Waterproof shelves or metal stands are great for storing shower items on and keeping them within easy reach too. For more bulky items, consider getting a vanity cabinet. It’s the perfect place for cleaning products as well as more niche bath and body products.

Up the relaxation factor

You may think that there’s no possible way you could recreate the spa experience at home, and that you’d be better off just paying to go to one. But there’s actually no better place in the world to have a spa than at home. After all, we can’t exactly nip off to our local aromatherapy center when we still have the kids to put to bed. Creating a spa experience in your own home means that whatever happens during your day, you always have somewhere relaxing to come. Music is a very important part of feng shui, so consider getting a waterproof speaker set so you can play some chilled-out tunes whilst you soak. Many of us also find the sight and noise of running water relaxing, so getting a wall mounted bath tap installed can give you this experience.

Making the most of natural light

Feng shui believes in the importance of circulating natural energy. When it comes to your bathroom, this is something that can be very effective if applied correctly. After all, it’s pretty hard to relax under harsh, bright strip lighting. Buying a large bathroom mirror is the easiest way to reflect natural light around the room. Adding sparkly crystals to refract the light also gives your room a luxurious, ethereal look. If you bathroom is positioned somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, or if you love taking baths late at night, you can’t go wrong with lighting some scented candles around the tub. There you have it – a relaxing bathroom experience with an Eastern twist.

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