Activbod Skincare Range Review


ActivbodActivbod Skincare Range

Reviewed by Dawn Watson

As a keen runner, well jogger to be honest, I was delighted to be chosen to review a new range of body care which was specifically designed with active people in mind, no matter what kind of activity you enjoy. Anything that will help make my fitness more enjoyable with something to stimulate and help was a definite plus.

I hadn’t heard of this new range and found that Lara Morgan was behind the idea of this new range. It was during her own fitness regime and as a keen triathlete that the ideas behind Activbod were born. She discovered that there were no products on the market specifically designed to aid, stimulate, clean and care for active bodies post exercise, and so Activbod was conceived.

The first thing I noticed was the fragrance, citrus, soothing, clean smelling and totally gorgeous, not artificial in any way and quite invigorating. Not at all girly as I soon discovered later when my partner said how much he loved the face scrub he had just tried (this range is designed as gender-free). The packaging is zesty looking with fresh apple green and white being the main colours.

Before I braved the cold Scottish weather I used a little of the Mind Over Matter balm (rrp £5 / 6g) – rubbing a little on all my pulse points its invigorating fragrance was a real uplifter – I was now ready… So after a wee run in the freezing Scottish snow covered roads I came back red as a tomato and sweating… an ideal time to try my goodies out.

Feel Great Shower Concentrate (rrp £5 / 100ml)  – a handy sized tube ideal for packing in you gym bag, this gel like product only required a small, ten pence size, drop in your hands to provide lots of cleaning power, took off dirt splashes on my legs easily and the smell was refreshing, uplifting and a real pick me up post work out. The ingredients listed included  sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil which you could feel almost leaving a lovely smoothing effect  and nourishing your skin.

I love scrubs and next was the Pick Me Up Scrub (rrp £8 / 100ml) this scrub was perfect as I personally don’t like really harsh scratchy scrubs, the particles in this were just right, enough scrubbing effect to rid your skin of perspiration, dirt, grime and dead skin cells leaving your skin super smooth and fresh with that gorgeous fragrance again lingering on your skin.

Next I had to try the Game Changer Face Scrub (rrp £7 / 75ml)- this scrub was fab, it left my skin feeling squeaky clean, and helped reduce the redness I always get after running. Almond oil was also part of the ingredients so left my skin smooth and with the addition of menthol, a real minty smell, this gave a really cooling feeling on my face.  Which I can imagine will be perfect after exercising in summer.

Cooling Finishing Lotion (rrp £12 / 100ml) I am a big fan of moisturisers but after working out, running etc… I very rarely use it as due to my body still ‘sweating’ and not being properly cooled down, I feel like the moisturiser leaves my skin sticky, clammy and uncomfortable so I was interested to see how this lotion was going to work. I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised and loved the lovely cooling affect it had on my skin. It rubbed in and absorbed almost immediately and the zesty cooling fragrance helped lift me up as by now I was beginning to flag, typical for me after a wee run. It contains a deodoriser too, and my muscles felt relaxed.

This range of products were totally unique and unisex, they will definitely be in my bathroom cabinet and will always be used post a run, an invigorating walk with our dog or just after some light exercise. I really love this range, great idea and one I will be recommending to all my gym buddies… and due to their size ideal for popping in you gym bag…

I totally recommend the Activbod range to all exercise enthusiasts no matter whether you do a wee run every now and again or a keen daily cyclist these products are for you.

Available in Boots and direct from Activbod’s website.  I noticed online how great the prices were too!

I would like to give this range 5* and a huge thumbs up from my partner too!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

These activity bag must haves are available to buy in a set from Activbod here.


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