4 Art & Craft Ideas to Bring Out the Artist in Any Young Child

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Art is not about how well you can draw, but how well you can express your feelings and thoughts by creating something that represents them. While this might be a complex concept to explain to a child, the magic of art is that it doesn’t need to be explained at all! In fact, kids are naturally better at expressing their thoughts through art and craft projects than they are at vocalising their feelings. This is why art and craft classes are popular in lower classes as they help to bring out the creative side of young children before it gets buried under schoolwork. On that note, let’s look at four fun and simple art and craft ideas that will help to bring out the artist in your child too.


Collages have a special place in the world of art, especially when it involves kids. As a collage is all about getting the pieces from completely different things and putting them together to create something new, it broadens the dimensions of young children and encourages creative thinking. To make sure that they have everything they need for the project, order all the colours, papers, glue and other necessary materials from www.raaaft.com and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Let them choose their own subjects and materials to let the creativity truly flow.

Ice Cream Stick Art

Ice cream sticks can be used in so many creative ways and some of the crafting projects can also be quite practical as well; pen stands, bins and vases being the best examples. However, with a little guidance and encouragement from teachers and parents, the sticks can be put on cardboard or even walls to create fascinatingly imaginative artwork projects by kids.

Rock Painting

Take your child out on an adventure to collect the rocks with you or if they are old enough, tell them to find and collect a few smooth rocks by themselves. Once the rocks have been collected, it’s time to go to work with acrylic colours. Teach your child how to do it on a practice rock and let their imagination run wild. It’s a nice little break from the traditional surfaces and your children will enjoy the change.


Origami originated in Japan, where it holds important cultural significance even today. The best part about the art form is that it can be simple or complex, depending on what you are trying to do with the paper. As we are trying to teach children here, start with simple folds such as boats, bunnies, and fish. Add some colour and sketches to the work and bring their origamis to life. Since learning the folds stimulate complex thinking and memory development, origami is also beneficial for cognitive progress in children.

As parents, it is important to guide your children and teach them new things, but it is just as important to not let their art and craft projects become something they feel pressurised about. The idea is for them to have fun while being creative; if a talent for the arts is revealed in the process, even better!

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