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Looking for the stylish yet straightforward layered bob haircuts to rock this coming New Year? The following bobs are effortless to maintain and will oomph your look.

Chic and Sophisticated Layered Bob Haircuts for Women

Coming up with a layered bob might be complicated. However, the results justify all the efforts and time committed to creating your bob. You can opt to try different bobs starting from the long layered bobs to the shortest stacked ones to see the one that looks great on you. The variety is actually unlimited.

Selecting any bob depends entirely on your face and hair type.  Elongated bobs appear great on women with round or oval faces, while short bobs are cute for ladies with triangular or oblong face shapes. Stacked bobs are ideal for thick hair while elongated layers look great on fine hair. Take a gander on these beautifully layered bob haircuts.


Highlighting your hair is one beautiful way to make any haircut look brighter. This is especially very true when it comes to layered bob haircuts. However, you have to make a proper choice of shades to add some glitter to your hair and make it look unique.

Messy Texture

This beautifully layered bob with bangs looks glam on ladies with any type of hair. It makes your hair appear voluminous and add some vibe to your thick locks. The accents and feathery bangs give this style a standout look. If you choose this hairstyle, be prepared to commit some of your time on daily styling.

Elongated and Windblown

Elongated bobs appear glamorous on ladies with blonde hair. The shaggy or windblown style is ideal for young girls. However, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be rocked by older women. However, you will want to style the locks neater for an impressive look.

Angled And Textured

Asymmetry is what defines this hairstyle. So if you opt for a textured look, go for an angled bob. The layers are styled messily to come up with a wild appearance, which can be an elegant addition to any lady’s style. You don’t need to comb this bob now and then.

Short Layered Bob

This bob is ideal for women with fine hair. The layers aren’t dramatic, but they come up with some volume to give this haircut a fuller look. The side-swept fringes are an excellent addition to this bob since they offer lots of volumes.

Stacked And Short

Stacked haircuts appear beautiful despite the short length. This stacked bob with different layers appears unique thanks to the angled strands on both sides and the cap layer on the crown. This haircut is a badass style to keep neat. However, if you are ready to commit to it, you will enjoy the look.

Sexy Auburn Bob

If you are endowed with dark hair, go for this sexy auburn bob that is sure to turn heads. Choppy trimmings give a lot of elegance to this style, while the layers at the nape offer top volume. You only need to comb your hair regularly.

Volume on Top

This combo of short and medium hair is styled by incorporating the top layers to be part of the head. The straight locks are allowed to rest on the neck. It is an ideal haircut for women with oblong or oval faces. Ensure that your hair is always neat, contrary to which the volume created at the top will be interfered with, and your cute bob will turn messy.

Round Bob and Wispy Bangs

If you have a round, oblong, triangular or square face, this is the best-layered bob haircut for you. The hair is stacked at the back to come up with a really beautiful and neat volume. The frontal hair is styled well to give a superb framing to the face. Wispy bangs are plus to this cut. However, the hairstyle will appear phenomenal with choppy fringe as well.

Cute and Straightforward

This layered bob might appear cute and straightforward, but there is great secrete hidden behind this look. The elongated wispy bangs highlight your eyes hence drawing attention to them. The hair is trimmed medium at the front, while the back is maintained short and stacked.

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