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Zuru 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad Mystery Collectible Capsules Review


Reviewed by N Lock

As a mum of three, I’m no stranger to the world of ‘surprise’ toys. I still remember the excitement of a surprise toy bag from when I was a child but those only ever contained a few stickers and a hard bit of bubblegum. Not so anymore. The 5 surprise unicorn squad mystery collectible capsule by Zuru takes the excitement to a whole new level.

At first glance it just looks like a ball, but this was the first time my toddler had encountered a ball that opens into segments, each one individually sealed to prolong the enjoyment. She was keen to join in with the fun but this one was for the big girls although she did enjoy rolling the resealed capsule around, turns out it is a ball after all.

We started with the smaller segments, the first one contained four tiny shoes, this discovery led to a lot of excitement as I hadn’t explained to my little ones that there would be unicorns involved inside the capsule and unicorns are, apparently, the most interesting thing you could hope to find inside a segmented capsule such as this. We also found a miniature comb, stickers, clothes, jewelry, unicorn poo, a leaflet showing all 13 available unicorns and finally the large section of the capsule contained the unicorn.

The unicorn poo is a bit like lightly scented glittery putty, I wondered what on earth this could be useful for but it has been moulded, sniffed, squished and role played for hours already. The other accessories are made of colourful plastic, the shoes and clothes are soft and easy for small hands to get onto the unicorn by themselves.

The unicorn is about 6cm high (wearing shoes!) and is clearly a baby unicorn judging by its proportions. It has a sweet face and a silky tail which is easy for a child to brush with the little comb supplied. All four legs are movable, backwards and forwards so the unicorn can play walking games, and lying down games. All the unicorn accessories are interchangeable so as your collection grows you effectively end up with a library of mix and match unicorn outfits. One of our unicorns has decided that they could wear a pair of shoes on their front feet and a different pair of shoes on their back feet. The combinations are endless.

There are 13 glitter unicorns to collect, my little girls are desperate to find the ballerina unicorn and the one with a mermaid tail so I guess Father Christmas will be leaving some 5 surprise unicorn squad mystery collectible capsules in their stockings this year. There is also a rare golden unicorn to look out for.

They are reasonably priced at £6.99, once the unboxing delight is over, there still a lot of play value in each unicorn, our unicorns have taken part in several races, a wedding, an under the sea adventure and a garden safari. There is plenty of scope for imaginative play here.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99

This product can be purchased from the Zuru Toys website here.

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