Yummy Nummies Bakery Treats Cookie Creations Review

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Cookie Creations

Reviewed by Clair Bellamy

I was recently sent a box of Yummy Nummies Cookie Creations to review. I was intrigued by a product that claims to have a fresh baked taste from an easy mix, microwave cooked process.

This product is available from Character Online for £6.99.The packaging was bright and colourful, appealing to children, and gave simple picture instructions. The children I was entertaining wanted to make them immediately!

We took everything out of the box and found everything clearly labelled and instructions very clear to follow. The bowl and mould needed to be cut into two sections. This is a job for adults as the plastic is fairly sharp when cut. Spoon and measure were included too.

The dough was quite difficult to get smooth when mixing and patience is not a child’s strong point. When microwaved the cookies remained soft and spongey, more like cake than a biscuit, and remained so even when cooled. When tasted they were very bland and chewy, not to an adults taste but the children enjoyed them.


As a bakery product I was not impressed but as a novelty to entertain children for an hour this product is quite effective. I personally would not buy again but the children have earmarked pocket money to buy it for themselves and want to try the other products in the range.

I would rate this product 3 out of 5 purely for entertainment value.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £6.99

Available to buy from Character Online here.

3 Star

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