Your Self Isolation Cool Head Pack

As we all go into national lockdown, it’s time to consider setting up a small self-help pack that will come in handy during the next few weeks. Keeping your calm is tricky in any situation. But, we are ready to bet that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is almost impossible. 

And here’s the thing: you need to manage your stress levels as best as possible to go through the lockdown period. Self-isolation and social distancing might sound appealing for a few days, but people are social creatures. It’s hard not to fall into the anxiety trap when you’re alone with your thoughts. Therefore, your first cool head aid pack can go a long way in helping you manage the situation.

Maintain a soothing routine

We all have a coping mechanism. Some people like to nibble on a square of chocolate before going to bed. Others smoke when they need to release pressure. Of course, not all coping mechanisms are equal in the grand scheme of things. But, the truth is that now’s not the best time to quit cold turkey. You’ve got too much to handle. Therefore, keeping your bad habit as part of your coping strategy can actually be helpful in terms of stress management. Admittedly, you can look for healthier alternatives, such as passing a vape store order rather than buying cigarettes, for instance. But, ultimately, your stress routine is essential to keep a cool head. 

Indoor air dries your skin

We’ve been told to stay at home to avoid catching or spreading the virus. However, that doesn’t mean your indoor air is healthy. Indeed, indoor air is likely to dry out your skin. A lot of people complain about dry and itchy skin in winter, as a result of the combination of indoor lifestyle and heating system. You can be sure that the lockdown will affect your skin and your completion. It’s a good idea to pack some extra moisturising products in your bathroom. Additionally, you may want to invest in a deep-cleansing mask and lotion, as indoor air particles can clog up your pores. You’re going to feel more relaxed about staying at home if your skin doesn’t show signs of discomfort. 

Learn to meditate with an app 

If you have never tried a meditation or yoga app, now’s the best time to start. Countless meditation apps on the phone are cutting down membership fees to tackle COVID-19 anxiety. An app such as Headspace is a favourite to relax and control your thoughts. But there are many other alternatives that are worth testing. Controlling your mind is crucial to healthy lockdown! 

Creative prompts

Did you know that creativity and DIY work can soothe a restless mind? You can use the time you’ve got at home to learn a new skill, such as sewing, for instance. There is nothing more satisfying than making something that is both beautiful and useful. Sewing your first dress may not sound like a COVID-19 solution, but it’s going to keep you focused, engaged and happy while you’re stuck at home. 

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Keeping calm when you go into lockdown is a lot more important than you think. It’s part of your self-care routine. Developing positive habits during that time can help to maintain your mental and physical health. But, more to the point, making the time as stress-free as possible will help to endure the lockdown, and that’s why you need a cool head pack. 

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