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Young Justice Legacy Review

Young Justice: Legacy
Playstation 3

Reviewed by Sean Davies

When there are evil doers up to no good, who do you call? The Avengers? Well, yes, but wrong comic universe. The Justice League? Almost there. Young Justice: Legacy is about the adventures of the young guns of the DC Comic universe – the sidekicks and teenage heroes-in-training who team up to take on the villains. It is a tie-in game that links to the animated Young Justice TV series with all the familiar characters making an appearance. Superboy, Robin, Nightwing, Aqualad and Kid Flash are all playable along with the rest of the team.

The first thing that is noticeable when playing Young Justice: Legacy is the graphics. For a game released in the twilight years of the last generation of consoles, the graphics are relatively poor. The textures are dull, there is occasional screen ripping juddering and the lighting effects are less than inspiring. It looks more like a game released in the early days of the PS3/Xbox 360 era rather than a game released in 2013. The camera angle is also fixed in place and can only be rotated, not elevated, which is a frustration, especially when most 3rd person action games have a free moving camera as standard these days.

The game play also leaves a lot to be desired but shows a lot of potential. The vast majority of the game is made up of a linear 3rd person beat-’em-up. The first 5 or so levels are made up of little more than walking, button bashing and the occasional cut scene but simple puzzles and challenges are eventually introduced. The combat is made up of bashing 2 buttons to pull off combos, blocking and using your super powers, which vary dependent on which character you are playing as. Superboy has the ability to slam the ground and knock back all surrounding enemies where as the same button presses used with Artemis, a skilled archer, shoots arrows into the air. Striking a balance in skills of your 3 super-teen team is a mechanic that Young Justice: Legacy uses well.

There is some depth to Young Justice: Legacy, found in the levelling up and character strength system. After defeating a certain amount of enemies, you are granted a skill point which can increase the strength of one of your super powers. You can also purchase items with credits found throughout the levels which will increase certain statistics. Upgrading the appropriate skills and buying the right items for characters adds a nice level of customisation to Young Justice: Legacy and mimics but simplifies systems used in some pretty deep role playing games. Making sure that characters who do namely ranged attacks, like Artemis, is buffed in the right way means that instead of them being quickly defeated in close quarters, they can hold their own.

The best thing about Young Justice: Legacy are the enemies. There is a huge variety of enemies to battle, each with their own skills and attributes. Some enemies are tough to beat up but do little damage. Other enemies fire their weapons from long range but only take a few punches to defeat. The enemies are also very well mixed, meaning that at times, you feel totally overwhelmed by the villains attacks which are coming at you from every direction.

The boss battles are also excellent, each with their own theme. Fighting Cheshire, a cat like character who attacks from long range is a totally different prospect than fighting the super-strong Bane, who can reduce you to a whimpering mess with a single punch.

The main issue with Young Justice: Legacy is that it leaves a poor first impression. The game starts slow and the first few levels are boring, but the longer you spend with the game and the more levels you complete, the better it gets and the more you grow to love it. It has its faults, but Young Justice: Legacy has enough charm to keep fans of the Young Justice TV series, or even just DC comics or superheroes, entertained.

A large variety of enemies to battle
Entertaining boss battles
RPG elements add depth
Great for fans of the Young Justice TV show

Less than impressive graphics
Fixed camera angle becomes annoying
Slow start to the game
Repetition will become frustrating for non-Young Justice fans.

Young Justice: Legacy is available now on PC, Playstation 3 (version reviewed) Xbox 360 and 3DS.

Rating: 3.5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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