Young LDN Mother’s Day Package Review

Notting Hill, London

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Start building the perfect skincare regime for Mother’s Day with Young LDN’s special Mother’s Day package for mothers and daughters!

Specialists in skincare, Young LDN are offering a special offer for mothers and daughters at their trendy Notting Hill (London) store this spring. I went to visit the lovely staff and see for myself what they are offering this year.

Young LDN was started in December 2018 by Sue Carroll who wanted to teach her teenagers, and other youngsters, to look after their skin, including for those with acne. Without finding such a place, she decided to start her own, and so the Young LDN brand was born. Sue created the salon with the added bonus of being a ‘one-stop shop’ quite literally, where you can have all kinds of skincare as well as nails, and soon hair blow-dries as well.

The salon is conveniently situated just off of Portobello Road and I took my Mum to experience the afternoon’s Mother’s Day treat on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. The salon is light and airy with a modern, wicked design that appeals to teenagers especially. The salon is unique in that the express facials, nails and hair are all the same space, so you can socialise with friends, or in this case, sit next to your Mum and chat as you’re having your facial and nails. There are artisan teas on offer while you wait, but the staff were very proud to be able to offer us prosecco as well. Why has no one done socialised beauty before? It certainly works as it makes it feel less clinical and more relaxed.

The facials – oh my goodness the facials! The staff explained that the express facials included a lactic acid facial peel, shoulder massage then a facial massage with jade stones, used to push the products into the skin and firm up texture. My therapist, Elena, dipped the seat back slightly for her to be able to work on my face, wrapping me in a towel and then a duvet. A snug hot water bottle was placed in the small of my back to help me relax. I’ve never seen this before but is certainly something I will try myself. 

After cleansing my face with soya oil, Elena set to work with the mask. A slight tingling indicated that it was doing its work on the first layer of my skin. The mask is left on for 3-5 minutes whilst the therapist works on massaging my face, neck and shoulders. By this time, I was in heaven. Therapists are trained to massage at the right pace and strength and know where all the knots and tension points are, and Elena and her colleagues are no exception. Working around my tight shoulders and with the heat of the hot water bottle, we were only a few minutes into the facial when I was already sleepy and feeling destressed. I could have easily napped there!

My Mum was in the chair next to me and is normally a nervous customer in new environments. I glanced across and I saw her smiling with her eyes closed as her therapist was treating her, duvet wrapped round her and Katherine massaging her shoulders. Elena removed the facial peel from my skin, being careful not to leave any area still tingling. She then set my face with a toner and applied a beautiful tinted moisturiser to help compensate for the lack of make-up when I walked out. Using some nifty, shaped jade stones which are kept in the fridge to help reduce puffiness when applied to the face. This was second heaven – the movements Elena used to distribute the moisturiser and really contour the surface were gorgeous and ever more soothing. Finally, Elena finished the facial with a light finger massage to the cheeks and forehead and led us both over to the nail bar.

After having an artisan tea, we were offered a prosecco each as Elena filed and shape our nails with a light moisturising massage to the hands too. I have never seen so many colours on offer to choose from, so we took our time and came up with some bright sunny colours (it was still pouring with rain!) and Elena explained that the premium brand didn’t need a base coat, just a few coats of colour and a top coat to keep it glossy. With a spray of quick dry, we were pampered and prepared for the night, but we learned that soon there will be some hairdressers to do blow dries for those who want the whole package. The salon also offers other treatments such as make up, LED facials, waxing and specialist treatments for conditions including acne and rosacea.

It was a fantastic treat for both my Mum and I to have, not just treatments but a proper pamper in the Young LDN lounge and being able to sit together and have a proper girlie afternoon together. 

The Mother and Daughter package is valid from 16-22 March 2020.

Rating: 5/5

Cost: £120 (normal price is £142).

For more information or to make a booking, visit

Young LDN, 228 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 2RH | 0208 354 3970

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