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Crazy Eggz Game Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you don’t like the idea of giving yet another chocolate product for Easter or you are looking for something different due to allergies I recommend the Crazy Eggz game as a good alternative to a sweet treat.

A quick but fun game suitable for age 7 up (although I think children age five and six would be able to play it) and 2-4 players, its suitable for almost everybody as a gift. The game comes in a brightly coloured cartoon chicken themed cardboard sleeve, with the contents and brief instructions printed on the reverse. Slide off the sleeve and you are presented with a traditional dozen egg carboard egg box. Open up the egg box and there are nine lightweight bright orange rubber eggs and one much heavier and slightly smaller blue egg. In the three spaces without eggs there are two dice, one red and one white and a yellow plastic egg stand. Set on top is a small 8 page book of game rules.

My son, age 7, was super excited to play so we took some time to read the instructions and started the game. One egg gets placed on the table on the egg stand and the red dice is thrown. The red dice is the action dice with six different actions painted on it. In our first game we had to check back on the instructions but after that we got the hang of it. My son rolled the dice, the youngest player goes first, and got an action, it then becomes a race as the first person to do that action then claims the egg from the egg stand. Examples of the actions are calling cock a doodle doo, posing in certain ways or touching the eggs. The red dice also has two blue sides, if you roll on those you have to put one of your eggs back on the stand, more about that in a moment. First roll got us both calling cock-a doodle doo and on getting there first it was my son’s turn to roll the 2nd dice. The white dice is the egg location dice, it has six different pictures on showing the egg in different positions on your body. Examples are under your chin and in the crook of the elbow. The dice showed the back of the knee so he placed an egg there and then it was my turn to roll the dice. He had to continue to hold the egg whilst I took my turn. The game continues until one of the players has five eggs. The small blue egg is worth two eggs as its heavier and fiddlier to hold. Sounds easy but if you have four eggs to hold without using your hands whilst performing an action it can get tricky! During the game if you throw a blue side on the red dice you have to return one of your eggs to the box, making the game a little longer. When reaching the point of balancing five eggs you must spin around before you are can win, any eggs dropped go back in the box and the game carries on.

It doesn’t take long to play this game, around 10 minutes but its fun, fast and furious. You need to be quick off the mark to win the egg and good at balancing to keep hold of the egg(s). Then, just when you think you have won, an egg falls to the floor and you have to carry on to win it back. We really enjoyed playing Crazy Eggz and recommend it for a gift either for Easter or any other time of year. I also think it’s a great party game for a small group, we certainly had fun playing it and making chicken noises whilst balancing eggs! Whilst It is more expensive than a traditional Easter egg it will provide fun for years to come so give Crazy Eggz a go this Easter.


Rating: 4/5

RRP: £15.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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