Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Light Painting Wand Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was really pleased to be asked to review the Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Light Painting Wand as a potential Christmas gift as I am always trying to think of unique gifts and this sounded like it would fit the bill for my 7-year-old son who is just becoming a Harry Potter fan and loves to dress up in his costume and pretend to be Harry.

When the wand arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. It came in a nice presentation box with a lift up lid so that you can view the wand which is nestled in a black “velvet” tray. The box is appealing with lots of Harry Potter images and words and a description of the wand.

I could tell immediately that this is a quality product even before I read the information on the box telling me that “each wand is laser scanned from the original movie prop, cast in high grade resin and hand painted for a screen accurate finish”.

The wand feels really good quality, it is solid and looks very realistic. There is a small button on the handle to light up the tip of the wand – this is powered by 3x LR41 batteries which are provided with the wand, which is a bonus as it means there’ll be no disappointment on Christmas day when you realise you haven’t bought any batteries!

The wand looks just like the one that Harry uses in the films and my son will be so pleased with it as currently he has a plastic wand which came with his Harry Potter costume and this is so much better and more fun with having the light on the end too.

As well as being an exact replica of Harry’s wand from the films, this wand is also a light painting wand, which I have to confess to not being 100% certain what this meant before reading the instruction manual! What this means is that there is an app to download which allows you to use the wand to make Light Painting pictures. The app (Wow! Stuff Light Painting App) is free to download on both iOS and Android – I easily downloaded it onto my iPhone. After reading the instruction manual, which luckily is fairly comprehensive, I gave it a go. My first attempts at painting light pictures and capturing them on my phone were not too successful as all I seemed to end up with was white blobs – however after practising some more I managed to produce some fairly impressive images, although I am still a long way off being able to write my name in light and capture it!

My son is going to love playing with the wand and the light painting app, in fact I think the whole family is going to enjoy it as it’s something new and different that we’ve never done before and it will be great to share our images with friends and family when we produce them.

The Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Light Painting Wand is a really lovely product and is a fantastic Christmas present idea for Harry Potter fans, young and old (the recommended age for the product is 6 years+). The recommended price is £29.99 which initially seemed quite expensive but having seen the product I think this is reasonable for a quality product like this.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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