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Wicked Sky Spinner And U Kick Review


Reviewed by Michelle


OH MY DAYS! This was fun. Whilst quite tricky to get the hang of it but then again, I’m of an older age lol, it brings a whole new meaning to ‘spinning the disc’ and this certainly does that.

The best way to describe using this is like spinning a rather large plate on your finger and a lot more. The best finger to use is your forefinger and ideally, start with that to master using it as you can then move on to using other fingers, it was so much fun trying the other fingers out. It is also best not to have long nails, when balancing the Wicked Sky Spinner on the top of your finger as this enable you to get and maintain the balance as well as when it is spinning.

Now, it does take a while to master this and my eldest grandson managed to master using this within 20 minutes (oh to be young again) lol. There are several ways to use this:-

1. Throw it like a frisbee to each person playing
2. Crank it just as your about to spin it on the top of your finger
3. Spin it on the top of your finger
4. Throw or spin it and then slam it onto the ground
5. Spin and flick the spinner
6. Place it so the pointed bit sits between your forefinger and thumb as if you using your hand as a fist and then spin it
7. Place it on the back of your hand and spin it

The fun part of all the above was throwing it up in the air and letting it land back on your finger(s), hand, fist etc.

Take a look at a video I found where someone helps and shows you how to use it

As Maverick in the movie Top Gun said ‘I feel the need for speed’ and this is what you will certainly get with the Sky Spinner as it can spin up to an amazing 500rpm (revs per minute).

Underneath the spinner is what is called the ‘Easy Grip Power Crank’ which you hold, place your finger in the centre and then spin it with your hand. Then, let go for the spinner to carry on spinning on the top of your finger.

The packaging as to be one of the best packagings I have ever seen. Open it up carefully as inside is an array of instructions on how to get the best of your Sky Spinner.


Put a shuttlecock and a football together and what do you get? You get a Wicked UKick! You can whack, hack and kick it.

On the bottom of it are 5 weighted discs and has 4 feathers placed in tiny pot in the centre of discs. These feathers allows the Kick to float, glide and fly, a bit like a shuttle cock would. Kick it around like you would a ball, either to others who want to play with you, just be careful if you have dogs, mine wanted to play too lol. You can play on your own and test your skills with it like you would with a football. Kick it in the air behind you and more.

The discs can be removed, the less discs, the lighter it is when using it. My eldest grandson loved it, he’s 15 and loves football. He soon put into practice his football skills with the Kick and built up the discs 1 by 1 once he mastered it. It was helped by finding a video on YouTube where a young boy shows how to use it. It can be found here.

Sky Spinner 5/5
U Kick 5/5

Sky Spinner £10.00
U Kick £8.00

The Sky Spinner can be purchased from Wicked here.
The U Kick can be purchased from Wicked here.

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