Why You Should Let Your Child Go On School Trips

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Being a parent comes with big responsibilities. We always want to keep our child safe, so that day when you child comes home with a letter about an upcoming school trip – it’s scary. But there are so many benefits to your child going on these adventures that you just can’t say no!


Being out in a group can be very exciting for your kids. It teaches your child about safety and how to behave in public in an orderly manner. If you’re a small family then your child won’t experience group outings, so going out with their peers will be a fun new thing to do, they will also learn how to look out for each other and gain important life lessons that fellow travellers will appreciate.


You’re letting your children venture without you being there, that’s a big deal for them. Give them a bit of money to take with them for snacks or a souvenir. This gives our kids a form of responsibility because they have the money in their own hands, and they decide what they’re going to do with it. It also shows a level of trust between the two of you, and your child will see this.

Change of scenery

The routine of going to school can be difficult for some children, seeing the same four walls daily can get very frustrating. So having School theatre trips and tours are a good way to get out and have a fun day learning with other classmates.


Not only are they learning, they are seeing it for themselves. For example there is a big difference between hearing about history, and seeing it with your own eyes! It’s an exciting time where your children can get their hands dirty and discover the subjects that may seem boring in class. It renews their enthusiasm to learning.

It’s an adventure!

School trips take your kids on a journey that they may not have the acces to go on normally. Maybe it’s too far, too expensive or you just don’t have the time. So this gives your child the chance to see things they haven’t seen before, like going to a theatre and watching a play!


By going out and seeing more than inside a classroom open your child’s mind, and even gets them thinking about what they want to do in the future, which is important to have career ideas – even if they change their mind, it’s good to see a child think for later on in life as it will encourage them to work towards their goal or establish new aspirations!

It’s fun!

With all that being said – you child with love you for it. Your babies have to grow up some day, and the only way they’re going to learn is experiencing life first hand, and this is what School trips are for (they’re not just about learning subjects). They will have a great time with their friends, see new things and enjoy learning.

So let them grow up, it’s hard to do as a parent, but they’ll thank you for it in the future. (You’ll thank yourself for it too!)

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