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Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream Review

Reviewed by Victoria Daubney

The packaging for the ice cream could have been a bit more inviting. It was quite plain with just a few colours and wasn’t that eye catching.

I had the 150ml size tubs of the vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice creams taste.

Each tub came with a mini spoon in the lid, which reminded me of being out at the pictures or the theatre, I do feel though that the spoon could have done with being a little stronger.

The consistency of the ice cream was quite hard but this could have just been my freezer though being overzealous, but this just meant it lasted longer and didn’t melt too quickly. The texture of the ice cream was smooth but could have been a bit tastier. The vanilla flavour was my preference out of the two. I found the strawberry was a bit bland and had a strange after taste.

The size was perfect for a weekend treat watching a film or an after dinner dessert.

What is interesting is that this product only uses natural ingredients, is gluten free and doesn’t contain sugar, all important things, which were highlighted in little bubbles on the side of the tub. I exercise regularly and use protein shakes, the Wheyhey protein ice cream contains 23g of protein per serving, with the summer almost here it’s nice to have a fun alternative for after the gym and also not feel guilty if I have it as a treat.

I would buy the vanilla Wheyhey protein ice cream again for use after training or as an alternative healthy treat.

If I did have to choose though between a popular brand named after two men and Wheyhey protein ice cream for an indulgence I would have to choose the former.

I would rate Wheyhey protein ice cream – Vanilla 4 out of 5. Strawberry 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3.5/5

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3 half Star

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