Wheelgate All Action Theme Park Review

WheelgateWheelgate All Action Theme Park
Newark, Nottinghamshire

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

Today we have been to Wheelgate All Action Theme Park in Newark, Nottinghamshire. If I’m totally honest I’d not heard of the park until we were asked if we would like to review it. Although there weren’t any signs for it until the last ¼ of a mile, it was really easy to find and couldn’t be missed with the big bright advertisement boards on the last roundabout.

We arrived around 10:45am and the main carpark was already busy, we were directed towards our parking space on a grassed area by an attendant which was very handy as there was no confusion as to where to park. We made our way towards the entrance where we handed over our tickets and were given a map of the park. After 1 hour and 20 minutes in the car with 5 children the first place we visited was the toilet, they were conveniently located just past the entrance, there was a bit of a queue as one of the toilets was out of order. They weren’t the nicest toilets I’ve ever been in but I think they get a lot of use because of their location, they had a smaller sized cubicle, toilet and sink for toddlers which was handy.

WheelgatePW1The children were so excited that the map totally went out the window and they all wanted to run off in different directions, the youngest 3 (4 & 3 year old twins) went to ride on the tractor peddlers in the Black Diamond Mining Zone area while the eldest 2 (9 & 7) went to play in the “Swing Climb & Slide” area. Once we managed to calm them down we all went over to the “Astra Glide Racing Slide” they all grabbed their sacks and headed for the stairs, although there was a member of staff at the top I decided to go up with the 3 year olds just to show them how to get on the slide and sit in the sack properly. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t like it as its quite high but after their first turn they were back up the steps nearly as quickly as they had gone down.

We made a point of visiting every different area in the park (each area has their own toilet facilities too which is very hand with young children), the weather was gorgeous so we didn’t spend as much time inside as we would have liked to as we wanted to make the most of the outside while the sun was shining.

WheelgatePW2In the Alien Galaxy Zone we went on the “Syber Shuttle” and then headed into the “Martians Mirror Maze”, this was fun but quite disorientating after a while as we found ourselves getting more lost in the maze of mirrors. We spent quite a bit of time in the Animal Adventure Zone as the kids loved all the different animals from the snakes to the newly born baby rabbits. We headed towards the Sheriffs Falconry Centre and noticed that there was a flying show starting at 3pm, it was around 2:45pm so we headed over to the Robin Hoods Water Park to buy some ice lollies (unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the water park as my husband has a splint and bandage on his hand which he can’t get wet). When we returned at 3pm there were quite a few people sat waiting, we were then treated to an educational but fun mini flying show from “Asha” the owl and “Shadow” the falcon.

We all had an absolutely brilliant day and would loved to have stayed longer as there was loads to do and the day just wasn’t long enough, we all really loved it and we will definitely be going back next summer armed with our swimming gear and towels. We have had lots of fun and couldn’t name everything we did as this review would go on forever, our favourites were the Victorian Carousel, the Hexo Hedge Maze Zone, playing mini golf, riding the roller coaster (which I think my 4 year old enjoyed more than me), we have enjoyed seeing the fish and terrapin in the Tropical Zone, the pirate ship and the Falconry flying show.

We stayed at the park until 4:30pm and the last thing we did was go on the very popular mini train which takes you for a 10 minute ride around the park, the kids totally loved it and sat waving to everybody we passed. This was the perfect end to a lovely day.

The park is a brilliant day out and is definitely value for money, the toddler tickets are only £7.99 at full price which gives then unlimited use of the rides all day plus all the other parts of the park including the water park, you would be lucky to get on 4 maybe 5 rides at a fairground for that. Although we didn’t make use of any of the places to eat as we took a picnic, we did buy ice-lollies which were very reasonably priced compared to some family parks we have been to in the past.


If I had to make any negative points then the only thing would be that the height restrictions for each different ride weren’t marked very clearly so we were un-sure of some until we got towards the front. Also if you have a few children which are in the “toddler” category then due to Health & Safety they need to be accompanied by an adult on some of the rides which in our case having 2 adults and 3 toddlers meant that we couldn’t go on some of the rides as a family so had to take it in turns, it wasn’t a big deal really but is worth being aware of before you queue so there is no disappointment when you get to your turn.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tickets cost (Summer Day Ticket: 15th March – 2nd November 2014):
Adult/Child (108cm +) £13.49 per person
OAP £8.49 per person
Toddler (95-108cm) £7.99 per little person
Special Needs £11.35 per person (1 Carer Free)
Wheelchair User £8.49 per person (1 Carer Free)
Under 95cm Free

Wheelgate Annual Pass:
Adult/Child (108cm +) £42.99 per person
OAP/Special Needs/Toddler (95-108cm) £29 per person

For more information or to book tickets vist

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park, White Post, Farnsfield, Newark, Notts, NG22 8HX

4 half Star

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