WEBBOX Christmas Cat Hamper Review


Reviewed by Jennifer Seymour

The Webbox gifts come in a lovely carboard box (100% recyclable) with pictures of animals on the outside. Inside, as you open the box, is a straw-filled hamper of goodies for your pet.  Each product is individually wrapped in their very own limited edition festive Christmas wrapping in a lovely silver and purple theme.  If, like us, you don’t want to forget your feline friend who is as much a part of the family as the rest of us this Christmas time, this is a fabulous gift!

Our lovely long-haired cat, Shadow has been through the mill these last few months, with lots of operations and countless trips to the vets. His birthday is also on Christmas eve! So what better way to treat him than with this hamper from Webbox.

My hamper came with the following beautiful treats…..
– Two feathery Christmassy themed bauble, spongey toys
– A festive teaser wand.
– Turkey and cranberry tasty stick treats. My cat devours these within an instant – we have to be careful to ensure he only gets the limited number each day!
– Lick-E-Lix Cream with turkey and cranberry: these are an amazing invention! I had not heard of these before, but with a cat who does NOT like taking his medicine, these sachet treats can be used as a topping on food, or to disguise crushed up tablets for your pets!!! Wooohoo – just what we needed! We have tried all sorts of pill dispensers, but old-fashioned crushing up in favourite food is all we can get to remotely work. Now we have an alternative to tuna!!! There are five 15g sachets in each box; and
– Last but not least: a Christmas cat toy stocking. Each stocking contains 6 assorted toys for your cat to bat around the house.

The festive wand in particular and the feathery baubles seem like really nice quality toys for your cat.

As for all of us, it is good to read on the packaging for the edible treats, that they do not contain added sugars or artificial ingredients. They can be given to kittens from 3 months and with their 100% satisfaction guarantee – what is there not to love! The other thing for me, at this current time, is that this company is based in Lancashire, so it is nice to know that you are buying local to help more local companies at this time. Having said that you may well have heard of Pet’s Choice and Webbox before, as they have been around for a number of years.

Of course, the hampers can be made for other pets, not just our feline friends. So, if your best friend is a dog, then try out their treats for dogs.

I received this hamper of goodies, but there are lots of different items you could add to your order and each of these items can be bought separately. Your cat or dog could even have their very own elf of a shelf with Webbox’s Long Legs Elf! My own favourite is the squeaky sprout ball!

You can keep up to date with Webbox at webboxpetfood on twitter and also on facebook and Instagram. There are a few offers from their facebook site at the moment, so do take a look to see if any of them suit you.

Webbox products are stocked at various prices at the following national stores: Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys and Tesco, or with free delivery on all orders over £40 direct on their website, it is a great place for festive treats for your pets that they will enjoy.

Give your best feline friend a gift they will love! Naughty or nice every pet deserves a treat this Christmas!



This product can be purchased from the Webbox website here.

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