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By Debbie Talbot

I am one of the co-founders of www.whatsgoodtodo.com. A close friend and I launched the website in order to give our loved ones opportunities which we may not otherwise have been able to provide for them. We got so busy with reviews that we then opened the opportunities up to friends. Friends then told their family & friends about reviewing for our website and our reviewer group then grew from strength to strength. Whilst we do have reviewers in many areas of Mainland UK there are still spaces available in most areas and we are looking for fun loving people to join our team. More information about this opportunity is available here. All that remains for me to say is that there are some testimonials below from some of our current reviewers. We hope that you decide to join us.


“I’m into my third year now of being part of the What’s Good To Do Reviewer group and I absolutely love it. For a small annual amount you more than make back your membership fee in reviews and the diversity and quality of the reviews can be amazing. From baby clothes and accessories, to toiletries, kids’ toys, home equipment, amazing days out, breaks abroad, spa days and a fantastic trip to the pantomime and so much more, there is something for everyone. I couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.”Rachel Cassey-Holland. Read Rachel’s reviews here.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” but for a small annual fee, there is the opportunity to dine out and review at top restaurants, have new and exciting products delivered to your door on a regular basis, days out and even short breaks all for the exchange of writing a 500+ word review for the What’s Good To Do website. I have been to places I never imagined, tested products that I would never have thought of trying and all because of the site. I don’t think this lifestyle would ever allow me to give up being a reviewer, it’s so much fun and so worthwhile if you have the time”  – Emma Rogers. Read Emma’s reviews here.

“My kids keep thanking me for being a reviewer. I have been a member of the group since June 2013 and have now done 51 reviews. I have had the pleasure of seeing many amazing shows and we have had some brilliant family days out. All opportunities that we would not have had if I hadn’t found whatsgoodtodo.” – Tricia Shaw. Read Tricia’s review here.

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