Waitrose Magioni Vegetable Pizza Bases Review


Reviewed by Emma Rogers

New from Waitrose are these Magioni vegetable pizza bases, not made from flour but using cauliflower and green vegetables. I did the noble thing and tried homemade pizza with them!

The bases come in packs of 2. I tried the cauliflower base first and made these two pizzas. The base itself feels a little more doughy than normal pizza dough, but there was no trace of a cauliflower scent at all. I tried a bit of the raw dough (is that allowed?!) and it was slightly chewy but not unpleasant. For these pizzas, I added tomato purée to one, and The Foraging Fox’s Beetroot Sauce to the other. Then I added cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes and the usual pizza toppings. 15 minutes in the oven at 180C seemed to do the trick as they were perfectly cooked.

The penultimate test was to see how well they cut. Although I had a large sharp knife, it wasn’t actually that easy. The edges cut quite well, but the middle took a bit of sawing! However, the eating was much easier. The base wasn’t chewy at all, and although there wasn’t a cauliflower taste, it added something to the tomato and beetroot sauces and toppings.  It seemed to keep hotter a bit longer than normal pizza bases, and so far hasn’t dried out as much either. The leftover pizza is a challenge for tomorrow’s lunch!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £2.45

For more information or to buy online visit www.waitrose.com.

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