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Milton Keynes Xscape


Reviewed by Karen and Anthony Curson

We were very excited to get the review for the new Wagamama in the Xscape at Milton Keynes, we have walked past it many times but never visited one. We arrived at the venue a little early and were greeted by a very pleasant gentleman who gave us the choice of sitting in a boothed area, high seated or benched area. We chose the benched area. Once seated, the waiter explained how eating at Wagamama worked, specifically as all the food is cooked fresh to order, it comes out when each dish is ready rather than the whole order arriving at once. We found this style very relaxed, enjoyable and casual. This was reflected in the staff and their working attitude. We loved the fact that your visit there can be as relaxed or as formal as you wish to make it. We saw various groups of people eating, including an elderly group, a family, a young couple and two friends with a child. We observed this diverse mix being treated with the same respect and friendliness as we were shown. 

The venue was a newly built establishment, thus was extremely well presented. The décor is contemporary but not sterile. It felt fresh and welcoming. We liked the fact that the kitchens were open plan and you could see your food being cooked and the hygiene standards being met. The toilets were spotless and clean. The first thing I noticed was the finger guards on the doors for children’s safety.

The food itself was nothing short of spectacular. It was very obvious that all ingredients were fresh and I personally loved the fact that the food came out steaming hot. The staff were more than happy to advise us on menu choices as the dishes were new to us, and each time, we were very pleasantly surprised. We loved the fact that although the venue and dishes are in contemporary style, there are still subtle nods to traditional Japanese cuisine, such as bamboo chopsticks and the large bamboo soup ladles for eating. We found the flavours in all the foods, from the side dishes to the desserts extremely pleasing and well thought out. We can thoroughly recommend the tom yum soup and the miso salad.

Our overall experience was one that we would happily repeat. The staff were very professional and approachable. They made time for each customer and we didn't feel at all rushed during our meal. The food was really good, in short, we can find nothing negative to say about Wagamama, (and we really tried to so we could give a balanced review).

We felt that the prices here were pretty much on par with most other restaurants we have visited, with the exception that green tea is free (which is my favourite hot drink).

We look forward to taking our daughters next time as we feel it will be a different but enjoyable eating experience for them.

We have no hesitation in giving this venue 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, view menus or make a booking visit www.wagamama.com

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