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MobiGo 2
Touch Learning System


Reviewed by Natasha Kolb with Ethan and Amber!

You can imagine the excitement in our house in anticipation of the arrival of the MobiGo 2, especially from my daughter, Amber! I did wonder whether this new console would live up to the quality expected of anything associated with the VTech name and in short YES it certainly did! My nearly 8 year old son had already decided that he was too old for the MoibGo2 but soon changed his mind!

On delivery, I barely got a look in before the children were nagging me in desperation to play on it. The massive plus to this was that it was easy to remove from the packaging, none of those annoying fiddly ties to hold it in place, it simply sat in moulded plastic so came out of the box with ease. The packaging was firm cardboard preventing any damage. A nice design feature was that the front of the box opens up so you can view your MobiGo 2 before you purchase it. I liked the amount of written information on the box, even on the inside of the front cover so you can easily make an informed choice when deciding to buy a MobiGo 2. Not that I had time to read any of this before the children played with it, it was out in seconds!!

Make sure that you have four AA batteries at the ready when buying one of these, they’re not provided and your children won’t want to wait whilst you search some out! The MobiGo 2 has been in near constant use for nearly a week and the original batteries are still going strong, which makes a change from changing batteries every other day!

I dutifully read the clear instructions, not that I needed to, even at the age of five, Amber navigated her way around with ease. We set up a user name for her on it but my son was able to do it independently. Only one named person can be set up and others can log in as a guest, it would be nice to be able to set up a few usernames simultaneously though. The instructions also offered detailed guidance on how to play each of the games on the Cars game cartridge that came with the MobiGo 2. My son, Ethan often finds games hard to play but the instructions gave him an idea of what he needed to do and also which ones he wanted to play on first.

My first impression of the MobiGo 2 was how up to date the technology is, a big leap from the last VTech console I purchased just a few years ago. The MobiGo 2 has a touch screen and comes with a stylus. It has motion control which can be used during game play instead of using buttons to control it although there are buttons if you wish to play using that method. Amber used the motion control most whilst colouring on the ‘art master’ game, when a picture is complete, tipping the MobiGo 2 causes the images to move around!

The screen flips up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard designed to improve your child’s computer skills. For me, the downside to this design was that the keys all displayed capital letters which Amber found harder to recognise. When typing, the letters are called out and again are said in upper case. As a teaching assistant, I would have liked to see more emphasis on phonics given how much it is used within schools nowadays and also keeping in mind the target age group of age 3 plus.

The MobiGo 2 comes complete with 4 in built games ready to play, these are simple activities such as ‘art master’ and racing games and are suitable for girls and boys.

For me, the biggest plus of the MobiGo 2 and the vast difference from the consoles I’ve bought in the past was that extra games can be downloaded rather than game play relying on purchasing expensive games cartridges. Even better, the first 3 downloads are free! After that they are mostly £2.99 each with a few branded ones such as Disney being £5. I think these are reasonably priced and enable your child to have a range of educational games and activities without needing to spend a lot. The range of downloads are impressive and clearly laid out enabling you to search by age or curriculum. Amber enjoyed these new games so much that she chose to use her tooth fairy money that she’d been saving to buy two more games!

The initial set up for downloading games took my poor husband 40 minutes and with hindsight, he says he would not have chosen to set this up whilst I was out at a meeting and he had both children waiting impatiently! However, after the set-upis complete, games can be easily downloaded in a matter of minutes.

The MobiGo 2 has been a massive hit in our house and surprisingly with my eldest just as much as Amber, proving the age range of 3 -8 years correct. You can buy this knowing your child won’t outgrow of it in weeks, especially as you can download age specific games. I have once again been impressed with the quality, durability and this time, technology of another wonderful VTech product. I think it’s worth the RRP of £59.99 based on quality and educational play opportunities the MobiGo 2 offers. It truly is a brilliant console and gets a 4.5 out of 5 from us!

RRP: £59.99

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy from VTech here.

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