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VTech InnoTab 3 Review

Innotab3VTech InnoTab 3

Reviewed by Pete Murphy

Our four-year-old daughter is already completely au fait with both our smartphones and laptops… in fact, it’s hard to prise them from her when she’s in the middle of playing her apps! When she saw the Innotab3 being advertised before Christmas she was hooked on the idea of having her own tablet – and so were we! No more shelling out for cracked phone screens and unwanted in-app purchases!

The tablet itself is very sturdy, and we were delighted that it was so robust as we were sure it was bound to meet with the floor at some point after it came out of the box! There was a bit of a hissyfit when she had to wait for us to hook the Innotab up to the laptop in order to download content, but once that was sorted she was off and running! I understand that it’s for kids, but we were all a little frustrated at first that things were quite slow-moving – it does take a little while to move from one icon to another, but it was a short-lived complaint and she soon got into the swing of things.

Watching her playing with it, she found it easy to navigate and to get the hang of the games. As she is in her first year in primary school and learning to read & write, I find that it’s a great tool to supplement her weekly homework and has definitely helped her schoolwork over the last couple of months. The camera is a big winner with her. She loves being able to take whatever pictures she wants without having to constantly ask us for permission! She also loves being able to listen to her own music on the tablet… no more One Direction on mammy & daddy’s phones! She has a birthday coming up, so we’ll be asking relatives and friends to buy some of the cartridges for her – she’s a big Disney Princess fan, so both they & the Sofia the First software are top of her list!

The only drawback that we can see is that batteries run down incredibly quickly when using the tablet. Having it plugged in with an AC adapter was the only way to keep it up and running when at home, but with a trip away coming up shortly, I can see myself getting the rechargeable battery pack to have to hand for when we lose power!

The Innotab3 is a great tablet for my daughter’s age, but I could see older children maybe finding it a bit slow/not advanced enough for them, Overall, it’s a great, child-friendly tablet and a fantastic educational tool for kids in this age group!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £69.99

Available to buy from VTech here.

4 Star

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