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Viners Organic Utensils and Knife Block Review


I was asked to review Viners organic utensils and was sent a spatula, spoon and a ladle but I also received a knife block which I will include. 

I was sceptical when I first heard about organic utensils and confident they would melt in the pan when cooking. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the utensils and how well made they are. I have had them on test over a month and I’m please to report there are no issues at all. They are plastic like in their appearance and solidly made. They do have a little give in them but I’ve no felt like they are going to snap and I’m pleased to say that despite being covered in various sauces, there is no staining to them either. We all have a duty to be more aware about the plastic we are using and these are an excellent alternative. They are made using wheat fibre which would otherswide be wasted. 

Wheat fibre is clearly a product that can be turned into a variety of uses and its brilliant that Viners have considered this and made something both eco friendly and useable.

The knives arrived well boxed and complete with a organic knife block which really looks good. It’s a change from the normal wood and has stood up to the day to day use well. There are various slots for the different knives to be housed and it does its job well of keeping them sharp. The design is good as well, it’s neutral colours will compliment any work surface. The knives are very sharp and have a good edge. They are also well balanced. I was fortunate enough to be a Chef for 10 years and I’d be happy to use these in my day to day tasks. The handles are comfortable and there was no issue with them slipping. The bread knife is perhaps my favourite of all. It’s incredibly sharp and makes short work of all the breads without squashing or tearing.

Unfortunately they haven’t stood up well to being washed. The wheat fibre handle is fine but the blades all have rust spots all over and are no longer hygienic. If you do use them, they need to be washed and dried straight away to prevent this happening. 

In conclusion, I can thoroughly reccoment the organic utensils. They have stood up well to a variety of tasks, not fussy about how they are washed and have even sat in water without any issue. They are well made, durable and I can see many years of use before they need to be replaced. 

Sadly, I cannot reccomend the knives. The rust is a real issue and while the handles are comfortable the steel is a very poor quality and let’s down what would otherwise be an excellent product. 

Rating: Utensils 5/5 Knives 2/5

RRP: Utensils £3 each Knives £45

You can purchase these items from the Viners website here

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