Carr’s Flour Review


Reviewed by Keith Mitchell

Selection of Carr’s flours.
Carr’s have been milling flour in the UK for nearly 200 years and produce a whole range of flours including several bread making flours. The flours come in good strong paper bags firmly sealed but easily opened, nice feel to them, with attractive colours to identify each product. Information about each flour is on the packet with a note about the millers. The flours can be purchased as a mixed box of 7 selections or a box (10 of 1kg packets or 12 of the 500 g packets) depending on the of single variety. They come in 11 varieties of flour and one of sauce flour.

First up was 1 kg Malty Seeded bread flour (white packet with green leaf pattern). This had a recipe on the back of the pack for making a large loaf needing yeast, butter/oil, water and salt. Bread can be made by hand or in a machine and I noted the flour was well milled and contained small seeds. It produced a really good loaf with excellent light flavour of malt and a major plus point was, unlike many shop produced seeded loaves, the seeds were small and did not distract from the quality and texture of the loaf. RRP £1.70

Next up was a 1kg pack of self raising flour (white packet with blue leaf pattern). Again a sturdy packet that could be opened with virtually no spillage. Really light flour not needing sifting, bright white colour. On the back of the packet was a simple , easy recipe for a Victoria sponge. Easy to see the quality of the flour. The end product was excellent with good taste and unlike my usual efforts (those could double up as flip flops) rose to a serious size. RRP £1.30

1KG packet of plain flour (white packet with red leaf pattern). This had a recipe for shortcrust pastry on the back. Good quality flour with no need to sift. Easily rubbed in with the other ingredients and rolled out well, producing a light pastry with decent taste. RRP £1.30.

500G Breadmaker Sourdough Bread mix (brown packet with yellow leaves) The contents listed include sugar, salt and dried yeast in the sour dough mix. All appeared very well mixed. The recipe on the back gives directions for hand baking, needing only water and butter/vegetable oil. It also gives a line on checking bread making machines instructions for the order of placing the ingredients. This pack made a large loaf of good texture and colour. Slices made excellent, filling toast. RRP £0.79

500G Breadmaker strong white bread mix for automatic bread makers,(blue packet with pale blue leaf pattern) This packet also contained flour, sugar, yeast and salt, needing only water and butter/vegetable oil added. Very good quality flour, finely milled. Simple recipe giving a large loaf good colour to the crust and excellent texture. RRP £0.79

500G Breadmaker Wholemeal Bread mix for automatic bread makers,(purple packet with leaf pattern). Looks good quality, beige coloured with wholemeal visible. Very easy to use. The only extra ingredients needed to make a loaf were water and butter/vegetable oil. Finely milled giving a consistent mix. Produced a very tasty loaf of some substance. RRP £0.79

500G Sauce flour (white packet with blue spoon pattern) Good consistent white flour. It has a recipe on the back for making a smooth sauce which you can add flavour, suggestions for a white sauce for Christmas pudding, a herb sauce or a cheese sauce. It can be used to thicken soups and casseroles. I used it to thicken up a curry sauce . It was very easy to blend in and thickened quickly. Excellent quality. RRP £0.70

In conclusion , these flours were really good quality. They compare favourably in price to other named brands and I thought the bread mixes were particularly good, producing light, but filling, loaves. I will continue to experiment with the sauce flour but have been impressed with it’s quality and consistency.

Rating: 5/5.

RRP: from 70p

These products can be purchased from Carr’s here

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