Üllo Wine Purifier Review

Ullo Wine Purifier

Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I was so excited, but dubious, when receiving the Üllo Wine Purifier. I am, and have been, a convert to red wine for at least fifteen years, unless it is fizz and then I am happy as a pig in mud.

My partner and I are regular wine drinkers, as in we drink wine with our dinner Friday to Sunday. We tend to opt for the smoother, lighter reds such as Rioja and Pinot Noir and stay away from the heavier Cabernet Sauvignon. We have become accustomed to the regular wines and to be honest we were really happy with our regular selections.

The Üllo Wine Purifier is an innovative gadget which removes sulphites from wine. Sulphites are added to preserve wine during transit but are unnecessary once the bottle is opened and cause a bitter taste.  

We were sceptical that the Üllo would work, what we did to test the Üllo is have 3 clean glasses, two of which we would use the filter and the third we did not use the Üllo and we tasted the same wine.

I can only say we were blown away, the usually smooth wine that we enjoy was smoother, easier to drink, lighter and a delight. I am not going to lie, we were shocked and so tried again on a second bottle of a different wine later that evening, and to end the evening I tried the Üllo on a boxed red. It never once failed to amaze. I got so into testing that I may have tried a little too many glasses, however I had NO heavy head the next day, no hangover at all!

The only white I have stocked in the house is either sparkling or the mini bottles to make a risotto so we haven’t tried the Üllo on white.

The Üllo comes in contemporary packaging and includes a stand to protect against drips. Within the stylish packaging there is a small bag that contains four filters. It is important that when assembling the Üllo that the filters are placed the right way around. Concave way down.


  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Travel bag
  • Display base
  • 4 Selective Sulphite Capture™ single bottle filters

Subsequent filters are available to purchase for £29.99 for ten. Each filter lasts for one bottle of wine.

What I would say is that the filter would be difficult to introduce at a dinner party unless perhaps you purchased or had a carafe ready. To purify the wine takes a little bit of time and to be a good host that time needs to be spent on your guests so being prepared is always a good option. The Üllo is easily washable so you could have two carafes ready one chilled white and one smooth red to cater for your guests tastes.

The Üllo system itself is £69.99 which realistically is not in everybody’s budget. We figure that it turns a £5 bottle to at least an £8 bottle so once the investment has been made it is well worth it. If it turns a £5 bottle into an £8 bottle what would it do to a £100 bottle… should a £100 bottle need the filter? I would hope not but I would not know, way out of my budget!

I was blown away with this product, I photographed it and sent it to all my wine loving friends.

Would I recommend it? 100%! Is it worth the investment? Yes, as it is an investment, it changes a rump to a fillet!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

For more information or to buy, visit ullowine.com.

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