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Twirlywoos Peeking Peekaboo Soft Toy Review

Reviewed by David Savage

I had never heard of the Twirlywoos before but am reliably informed that there is a CBeebies fun and educational television show that the characters come from and both the twin boys I was trying it with knew who it was straightaway, so off to good start already.

We received the Twirlywoos Peeking Peekaboo which is a soft and tactile cuddly toy. It’s reversible and turns inside out so that it hides within its “soft shell”. It can also be used as a hand puppet. When out of its shell you can press its head to hear it squeak.

The material is super-soft and has different textures including raised bumps on its body, spikes on its head and legs. Once turned inside out the Twirlywoo is hidden inside its shell, playing peekaboo.

Both boys loved the soft fabric and cuddling the toy and pressing its head to hear it squeak and were fascinated by it hiding in its shell.


While both boys initially loved it I feel there is not a lot of functionality within this toy and they quite quickly gave up playing with it and moved on to something else, although saying that they do come back to it and enjoy more when I used it as a hand puppet when reading them a story.

With a retail price of £14.99 I feel that it is slightly overpriced as it doesn’t do much but the boys do play with it so they obviously get some enjoyment out of it.

As a soft toy it is well made and very soft and cuddly so I would have to rate it as 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Suitable age: 10 months+

Available to buy from

4 Star

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