Turning Pennies into Pounds – Or So It Will Seem!

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When you’re trying to improve your home on a budget, the constant saving and stretching of what money you had set aside can become tedious. Googling what your dream home would look like neither adds to the inspiration or aids motivation; there are some things that it would take a lottery win to buy, never mind add to your home to spruce it up.

There are, however, certain elements that you can replace, upkeep or do in and around your home which will make it look like you have spent hundreds if not thousands – if that’s the aim that you are going for. Simple tips and tricks that will keep your family and friends wondering how long it will take you to repay the loan that you haven’t even taken out in the first place!

Give your rooms space

There are so many things that can be done in a room to help give the impression that it is bigger than it actually is – things that can mistake people into thinking that you have had major building works done in order to extend to such a size. Painting your room a lighter colour will give the visual impact of a fresher, brighter and bigger room to both you and your guests. Costs of a tin of paint can range from a few pounds up to the hundreds dependent on the manufacturer and brand, so this little trick can cost you as little or as much as you would like.

Do up your doors

If you have wooden doors it is easy to paint them a different colour to jazz them up – especially front doors to add a new first impression to your home. If you have the funds, consider getting glass doors between rooms to add an open-plan feel. Double glass patio doors can work between rooms rather than between your house and the garden too; don’t dismiss them from being indoor furnishings based on what you have seen before. Go against the trend and make it work for your home!

Shelve everything

Adding shelves to rooms that previously didn’t have them can add a key feature to your room as well as being a useful space-saver. You can have them inbuilt or added on to walls for little to no cost, depending on how handy you are with your DIY skills. The great thing about them is that you can use them to showcase things in different rooms around your house; whether you have some figurines that have been on storage for years, books that will start a conversation or even pictures of family and friends, the benefits of installing shelves far outweigh the negatives. It can also help with clutter; a minimalistic room can look like you have had an interior designer in if you style it right, and banishing ornaments and furnishings which previously adorned tabletops and sills to a more permanent and attractive home will work wonders in generating the right look for your room. Simple things work – stick with them and they will see you right.

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