Travelling to Miami: Here’s How to Find a Good Hotel

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Miami is a city with many faces – a temporary home to visiting cruise ships and a permanent centre of commerce, with beautiful beaches and outstanding art collections, as well as lip-smacking seafood dishes and of course, key lime pie! If you are planning to travel there, for either business or vacation, then finding good Hotels in Miami is going to be a priority. It’s also quite a task as there is simply so much choice out there, which is why we help you out here with some useful tips on how to do exactly that.

Step 1 –  Be clear about what you both need and want from a hotel

This is pretty crucial if you are to have any hope of narrowing the choices down to a reasonable number. Some things to think about are:

  • Are you traveling for business or leisure?

This matters because if it’s for business you will be looking at hotels with features like early breakfasts, an office center, or a gym. Yu can filter for these things later in the process. Plus, hotels aimed at business people are usually quieter as families are less likely to stay there.

  • Location

Do you have a preference for a particular area? Would you like to be downtown for evening entertainment, or are you looking for a beach experience? If you are not familiar with Miami it’s easy to find out more about the different areas within it and see what appeals.

  • Price

This is really helpful when filtering later, so be sure to have a viable spending limit in mind.

  • Facilities

For some people a pool – indoor or outdoor – is a deal breaker, others want several restaurants on site to choose between, a room with a balcony or any of a hundred other things. If something is critical for you then keep it in mind for the next stage.

Step 2 – Begin your research

Open up a few different online comparison checkers and filter for hotel suggestions according to the criteria you already decided is important. Make a note of the results, but do read the terms and conditions of different bookings, as there can be major differences which affect your decision.

For example, comparison site A’s price may be the cheapest for a couple of dollars per night, but once made the booking cannot be cancelled without a penalty . If you notice anything that looks especially great, or if a hotel name is popping up more than once then these are your best bets to take forward to stage 3.

Step 3 – Do some final checks

Reading reviews of your shortlist hotels is vital, but look for several sources across the internet to avoid relying on anything which could be fake. If a hotel passes that test okay then look at the prices on their own website- you may be surprised to know that many are cheaper to book directly.

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