Top Tips that will Help you to Purchase the Perfect Family Car

A family car is normally used very differently to any other car. After all, you need it to be a taxi, somewhere you can change your baby and even somewhere that’s going to take you on family vacations too. For this reason, you need to take your time when choosing the right one.


Size is super important when you are buying a family car. For example, you should never get a car that has five seats if you need to seat six people.  You also need to think about what you can fit in the boot or even how many car seats you will need to fit in the backseat as well. By doing all of this, you can then be sure to get the best result out of your journey without having to worry about a thing.

Body Style

You will also need to decide on the type of body style you want to go for as well. Hatchbacks tend to be good family options because they give you plenty of access to the boot. Saloons have tons of space inside, but the boot can be more awkward for you to get to. SUVs are another choice because they have plenty of interior space but you do need to make sure that the boot is big enough.

Seat Height

Some family cars come with what’s known as being stadium-style seats. This is essentially where the back seats are higher than the front seats. It’s very easy for you to put children into car seats with this design because the children will have a better view out of the window, and this is fantastic for car sickness. Fitting a car seat is never fun but if you were to get an Isofix then they install very easily.

Safety Rating

You should always make the effort to check the safety rating of the vehicle that you want to buy. The main reason for this is because there are some models out there that are not as secure when compared and the last thing that you need is to buy a car that you don’t feel as safe in. If you are buying a used car, take into account the cost of alloy wheel repair or even dent repair.

Boot Size

It’s very important that you take into account the boot size when you have children. This is especially the case if your kids are still in a pram. The best advice you could probably get is for you to take your pram with you when looking at cars so that you can see if it fits. Most car salesmen won’t have a problem with you doing this if it means them potentially getting a sale.


You aren’t just buying a car for your kids, so make sure that you are comfortable in it as well. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to relax way more and that you are also able to focus on getting your money’s worth. So, check out the seats, your legroom and any digital features you might be interested in before you settle on your decision.

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