Top Dog Review

Reviewed by Lorraine Attkins

‘Top Dog’ is a new British crime thriller based on the novel of the same name by Dougie Brimson (he also wrote Green Street). It is directed by the Actor & Musician Martin Kemp & produced by Jonathan Sothcott. It is due out in the cinema on Friday 23rd May and available to buy on DVD/Blu-ray (£12.99/£15.99) from Monday 26th May. The running time is approximately 90 minutes.

The main cast are:-

Billy Evans (Leo Gregory)
Mickey (Ricci Harnett)
Patrick (Vincent Regan)
Sam (Danielle Brent)
Julie (Lorraine Stanley)
Graham Hawkins (George Russo)

The plot of the film is based around Billy Evans, a hooligan gang leader running his football firm Acton Casuals. Billy bites off more than he can chew when he crosses a dangerous criminal gang that are charging protection money from a family member’s pub. Although Billy thinks he has the upper hand, things quickly spiral out of control with dire consequences.

There’s violence, tears, some nudity and strong language throughout the film. Right from the start the storyline held my attention and the acting was really good. Although Billy is in fact a thug, you can’t help but see his good side and sympathize with how things turn out.

I’m sure this film will be a hit with most lads and I like the way there is a good story rather than just heavy violent scenes to grab your attention, which means a lot of women will enjoy it too – I certainly did!

I rate this film 5/5 and will recommend all my friends go to see it or buy it on DVD/Blu-ray.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy on DVD & Blu-ray from Amazon here.


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