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tTony Stockwell
Psychic Medium
Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage


Reviewed by Lorraine Attkins

I went to see Tony Stockwell, a psychic medium from Walthamsow, East London at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage. I have been to see other mediums at these kind of shows before. I would say I am open-minded about the afterlife, but couldn’t help thinking about it throughout the day and wondering if there would be a message for me that night.

The theatre was half full. I had great seats in row G and central to the stage, and the chairs were roomy and comfortable.

The audience were mostly 40+ in years and you could feel the excitement in the air.

Tony came on stage and spent a good 10 minutes talking us through what would happen and how he would like the audience to respond if we felt a connection with whatever he was talking about. Strangely enough he started the show by getting us all to clap to ‘create energy for the spirits’. I must admit I found this a little odd! Tony was often quite humourous throughout the show, which unnerved me slightly however, he did make you laugh.

For the first 80 minutes or so, Tony came out with details of various spirits he seemed to be feeling/hearing, whilst quite often closing his eyes and rubbing his left side.

Although a couple of people seemed to recognise the things he was saying about some spirits, I didn’t feel there was enough information given to prove anything to those people, however they seemed to be quite happy with what they heard. I felt that Tony was often very repetitive and didn’t really add anything to the information given once someone seemed to recognise their ‘deceased person’.

One guy was quite physically shaken, when Tony seemed to have his dad with him. He seemed to agree with all what Tony was saying, and it did make you stop and think and send a shiver down your spine.

After a 15 minute break the show resumed with a different tactic. Tony took a few photographs from 2 audience members, held them to his chest and then proceeded to tell the audience member all about the person in the picture, including their names and some other details, which they seemed happy enough with. Again, nothing major really stood out to make me believe any of this was real or not.

I actually became rather bored at this point as I felt that it would be better to try to give more shorter readings than a few really long drawn out ones. Before this, Tony had 2 spirits with him that no one recognised at all.

I’m still open-minded about the afterlife, although there was nothing said to convince me it exists. However, everyone is entitled to an off day, so perhaps I should see another of his shows before I make any decision on that.

I would rate this show as 2/5.

I would say everyone should see some kind of psychic medium show before they make up their minds on this subject.

Rating: 2/5

Tony Stockwell is currently touring the UK. For more information visit www.tonystockwell.com.

Gordon Craig Theatre. Lytton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 1LZ | 01438 363200

2 Star

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